The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 414

Chapter 414: Dont Blame Her for Being Ruthless

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Ye Yuwei walked over and hugged Nalan Chunbo. “I knew Brother is the best.”

Nalan Chunbo was a very organized person. Ye Xicheng learned how to be organized because of his influence in their lives.

Ye Yuwei brought her two children to the dining table and sat them down. Nalan Chunbo sat down opposite her, a serious expression on his face as he fed Xixi.

As Ye Yuwei ate, she lifted her head to speak but hesitated when she saw Nalan Chunbo’s expression. “What happened?”

Nalan Chunbo fed Xixi a spoonful of porridge before he turned to Ye Yuwei. “I found Bai Yuyan.”

Nalan Chunbo spoke softly but Ye Yuwei heard his words clearly.

The spoon in her hand dropped into the bowl noisily.

Ye Yuwei’s eyes widened as she lowered her hand to grip her spoon tightly.

Her hold was so tight, the spoon in her hand started shaking.

Bai Yuyan. The person she had been looking for for more than five years. She had finally appeared?

Ye Xicheng was curiously watching his mother who had a very strange expression on her face. He had seen this woman’s name before somewhere.

“Where is she?” Ye Yuwei asked hoarsely.

Nalan Chunbo held her hand to calm her and replied, “She is now working as the chief jewelry designer for Gu International.”

Nalan added that though he had his own opinions about Gu Juexi, he had to make things clear.

Gu International?

Ye Yuwei looked at Nalan Chunbo in disbelief.

Gu International, that was the Gu family’s business.

( B oxnovel.c om )    Come to think of it, the old mistress was fond of Bai Yuyan, how could she have forgotten? She had tried so hard not to think about the Gu family for the past few years.

“Where is she now?” Ye Yuwei’s body tensed. Her hatred had not faded over the years.

“B City.” Nalan Chunbo seemed like he did not want to answer her.

He did not want Ye Yuwei to return to that place.

Ye Yuwei obviously did not expect that answer.

Bai Yuyan had returned to B City?

“I will go to B City and settle this matter for you. I will not let you down,” Nalan Chunbo quickly replied.

“I want to go by myself,” Ye Yuwei said quietly. She remembered her hatred for that woman. All the way from the orphanage to when she tricked her into committing suicide. She remembered everything clearly.

There was no good person in this world, that was what she learned from all her years of suffering.

Then, don’t blame her for being ruthless.

“Weiwei, are you sure you want to go back to B City?” Nalan Chunbo asked slowly.

Ye Xicheng’s big eyes had been traveling between his mother and his uncle.

His uncle did not want his mother to return to B City either. It seemed like that man, Gu Juexi, had really hurt his mother deeply in the past.

That was why his mother had lied to him and his sister.

Ye Yuwei frowned and thought to herself, should she go back?  ( B oxnovel.c om )

It was so difficult to draw a line with Gu Juexi. Should she really go back?

However, Bai Yuyan was currently in B City.

“B City? Where is that?” Xixi grabbed the spoon and ate her porridge while looking at her mother curiously.

Nalan Chunbo reached for a paper towel and started wiping Xixi’s mouth. “A place that is far, far away. When you grow up, you can go there.”

Nalan Chunbo answered Xixi then turned to Ye Yuwei. “I will go to B City and resolve the matter involving Bai Yuyan. You do not need to go back to that place.”