The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 415

Chapter 415: Wait For it, Gu Juexi

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Ye Xicheng frowned but maintained his innocent expression.

“Mommy, why don’t you want to go to B City? Uncle Qian’s resort is also in B City,” Ye Xicheng asked sweetly.

“Resort? Mommy, Xixi wants to go to the resort to play,” Xixi hurriedly chimed in.

Ye Yuwei was caught off guard.

Nalan Chunbo looked at Xixi in disbelief. This really was a child who would go with anything she heard.


“I will go back myself. I will take everything she owes me with my own hands,” Ye Yuwei said hatefully.

She was the one who led the matron to her death.

Ye Yuwei wanted Bai Yuyan to know what it felt like to have no other choice than death. She wanted her to know what despair really felt like.

She wanted her to know what pain really was.

Ye Xicheng ducked his head, eyes gleaming.

Wait for it, Gu Juexi.

Nalan Chunbo knew he would not be able to persuade her otherwise.

“Okay, you can go but you have to promise me something,” Nalan Chunbo said, looking at Ye Yuwei firmly. “I am serious this time.”

“Yes, yes, I know you are serious. Say it,” Ye Yuwei quickly replied like a good student. She did not want to offend her brother.

“I will go with you to B City but when we are there, the children have to call me daddy.”


Ye Yuwei and Ye Xicheng both looked at Nalan Chunbo in disbelief at the same time.

‘Brother, are you kidding me?’

‘Uncle, are you taking advantage of my mother because you have no wife for yourself? You also want to take two young children for yourself?’

“No, Brother, I don’t think that this is necessary,” Ye Yuwei protested.

“Then, you must still be thinking of him—”

“Yes, they will call you that,” Ye Yuwei interrupted before he could say anything else.

Her eagerness did not seem sincere at all though.

“No, Brother. Isn’t your bank over here?” Ye Yuwei was still not happy with the suggestion. “I just want to look for Bai Yuyan. You don’t need to…”

“The people working for me do not need me to feed them. I can take a vacation for two months. Are there any other objections?” Nalan Chunbo asked with a laugh.

Ye Yuwei kept quiet, not daring to object to anything else. She had better just finish her meal.

Ye Xicheng lifted his head and looked at his mother then his uncle. It seemed like the proposal was an acceptable one.

However, what had this Bai Yuyan done to make his mother hate her so much?

After all, though his mother was capable and strong, she was usually kind to everyone.

“After we deal with Bai Yuyan, we will return here immediately,” Nalan Chunbo added as he still felt uneasy.

Ye Yuwei did not argue with that. She did not intend to stay there for long anyway.

Nalan Chunbo was still worried. After all, Bai Yuyan was still involved in the Gu family business. Bai Yuyan was a chess piece that the Gu Chairman was using to deal with Gu Juexi.

This matter would be directly related to Gu Juexi, so he had to watch over his cousin properly.

Ye Xicheng had other plans in mind. This time, he must deal with that Gu Juexi properly. He must avenge his mother for all the times that he had bullied her in the past.

Wait for it, Gu Juexi.