The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 416

Chapter 416: Can You?

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When Qian Yikun called Ye Yuwei, she had already made plans to return to China. However, she did not tell Qian Yikun why she had decided to return to China. After all, Qian Yikun and Bai Yuyan had been engaged at one point in time.

“I don’t think it will be necessary for you to apply for leave. It happens to be just before the opening of the resort and there is a project to be done there. If you are going to China, why don’t you be in charge of the project?” Qian Yikun suggested, then added teasingly, “I am not trying to squeeze my employee dry though.”

Ye Yuwei smiled as she knew that Qian Yikun was joking. She thought of the few millions in wages that he gave her every year so that she could give her children a better life.

She knew that a financial director with more than a million dollars in wages was considered very well paid. However, Qian Yikun had given her five times that amount so she could work in peace and take care of her children.

“What project?” Ye Yuwei asked amiably. She was already in the study room and switching on her laptop.

Ye Xicheng carefully squatted at the door, listening to his mother talk inside the room.

He was afraid that Uncle Qian would betray him.

After all, he had a guilty conscience.

However, it seemed like there was nothing wrong up to this point.

“For our development project with Gu Enterprise, there is a decoration project. You know that we have been collaborating with Gu Enterprise from the start, so for the decorations, Gu Enterprise will be in charge of the content while Qianfeng Enterprise will be in charge of the funding. I am just asking if you are able to take the job,” Qian Yikun said uncertainly. “Can you? If not, I can handle it myself.”

This was a request that had been made by Ye Xicheng. Qian Yikun did not know why the little boy knew so much, but since he had promised him, he was going to try to keep his promise.

Ye Yuwei frowned. Gu Enterprise was such a big corporation and this was only a decoration project so Gu Juexi would definitely not participate in it.

It seemed like there would not be a problem.

Moreover, if she returned to B City, she would definitely run into Gu Juexi sooner or later. How long could she hide from him?

“I do not have a problem with that,” Ye Yuwei tapped the keyboard aimlessly. She had ended everything with Gu Juexi six years ago on that ship in the middle of the sea. They no longer owed each other anything.

“That is good,” Qian Yikun replied. They discussed work for a little longer before hanging up.

Ye Xicheng sneaked out of the room. Fortunately, his mother had not discovered anything.

However, he was going to face that person soon. He had to find out more information about him as soon as he could.

At Gu Mansion in B City.

Gu Juexi went up to his room after having dinner. Wen Jie and Auntie Mao, who had woken up six years ago, looked at Gu Juexi and sighed.

Six years ago, Wen Jie would not have lived if not for her son. Similarly, her son was only alive for her sake.

Both mother and child were each other’s motivation to stay alive.

However, while she was staying alive for her son, her son was like a dead person walking.

“If the young mistress was still alive, the child would be five years old now,” Auntie Mao said and sighed loudly. “This home would not be so depressing and quiet.”

Wen Jie put her chopsticks down and looked at Auntie Mao. “Auntie Mao, you should rest early too.”

Auntie Mao nodded and looked at Wen Jie as she walked up the stairs.

This house had become cold ever since the young mistress passed. Even though the young master made an effort to come home every day, the young mistress was no longer there.