The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 418

Chapter 418: Hello Daddy

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Gu Juexi woke up the next morning next to the edge of the sofa. He felt drowsy but also like he had not slept at all.

Gu Juexi slowly stood up and because of the numbness in his legs, had to hold onto the armrest of the sofa. It was then that he saw his phone screen lit up. He had received an email.

Gu Juexi stretched his legs and picked up his phone, opening his mailbox.

There was only one sentence in the mailbox : Hello daddy.

Hello daddy?

Gu Juexi sat down on the sofa and stared at those strange words.


Gu Juexi looked at the sender of the email.



Gu Juexi looked up in disbelief. He stood so suddenly he hit his knee on the coffee table but he did not care about the pain and quickly ran out of the room.

Gu Juexi returned to his bedside and took out his laptop, opening his mailbox.

Only this time he was looking at his sent mail, not his inbox.

The latest mail was sent two minutes ago, the recipient: Fox!

Someone had used his email account to send himself an email.

Was this a prank or—

Gu Juexi squinted his eyes and looked at the content of the email.

Hello daddy.


That word was taboo for Gu Juexi because Ye Yuwei had left this world with his unborn child.

If that was Ye Yuwei’s way of taking revenge against him, then she was successful. She had successfully used her own death as a way to imprison him.

Fox to Fox; was the email really just a prank?

Gu Juexi quickly checked the time and place that his account was last used in.

A foreign country, half an hour ago. Moreover, it was logged in using a password.

A password login!

There was no hacking involved but there had been several attempts to get the password right. However, looking at the password attempts got Gu Juexi thinking even more.

The first try was his birthday.

The second try was Ye Yuwei’s birthday, the one that he had later learned from Bai Ying.

The third attempt was his wedding anniversary with Ye Yuwei.

This could not be a prank.

Hello, daddy.

Gu Juexi stared at the words once again and clenched his fists tightly.

This seemed more like a warning than a prank, but what was the person warning him about?

Gu Juexi immediately started fantasizing about all sorts of crazy ideas. He began to fantasize that Ye Yuwei was still alive. She was still alive.

Gu Juexi suddenly stood up, wanting to go out and prove something.

However, he stopped himself. If this was just a prank, would he be able to survive the despair?

The moonlight was dull in the foreign country. Ye Xicheng stretched and switched the laptop off.

He was afraid that the person on the other side would suddenly attack the laptop. He had found out from the news that Gu Juexi was not only a physics genius, but also a genius at hacking.

So it was no surprise that he had been interested in computers since young. This was the reason.

“Xicheng, take a shower and go to bed already,” Ye Yuwei called out, having just tucked her daughter into bed.

Ye Xicheng jumped down from the chair, ran over and hugged his mother’s legs, not allowing his mother to enter the room. “Mommy, I want you to help me shower.”

Ye Yuwei looked down at her son who rarely asked for attention. She bent over to hug him and said, “Okay, I will help you wash up. What were you doing in the study room?” Ye Yuwei asked as she headed to the bathroom with Ye Xicheng.

“I was looking at Uncle Qian’s resort. Mommy, who is Gu Juexi?” Ye Xicheng asked innocently.

He had already got his answer when his mother hesitated for a moment