The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 419

Chapter 419: Attacking the CEO Twice

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So Gu Juexi was really his daddy.

Ye Yuwei’s expression quickly returned to normal. She brought her son to the bathroom, took off his clothes and put him in the bathtub.

“He is a partner of Uncle Qian,” Ye Yuwei explained to her son.

Ye Xicheng wanted to ask why they looked so similar but did not in order to preserve his life.

When his mother was angry, she was terrifying.

When Ye Yuwei saw that Ye Xicheng had begun to play with his toy duckling, she heaved a sigh of relief.

After putting Ye Xicheng to bed, Ye Yuwei returned to her bedroom.

Xixi had always slept with Ye Yuwei. It was only when Ye Yuwei was not around that Xixi would sleep with Ye Xicheng. This was because of her physical health. Ye Yuwei and Ye Xicheng had always treated Xixi with care, like she was a porcelain doll.

Ye Yuwei sat on the edge of the bed and watched her sleeping daughter before she reached out and took her phone from the table.

She clenched her it tightly in her hand as though she wanted to do something, but she managed to suppress her urge and put the cell phone back on the table.

She no longer had anything to do with him anymore, Ye Yuwei thought to herself before turning off the lights and hugging her daughter to sleep.

After his mother left, Ye Xicheng opened his eyes.

Based on what he had discovered, his mother had not divorced that man yet. That was too much.

Ye Xicheng continued investigating on his phone. He began checking China’s marriage laws as he hid under his blankets. The more he checked, the more his brows furrowed.

Why were they so troublesome?

At Gu Enterprise in B City.

PA Wen felt that the CEO had changed; he was no longer as dead as before.

He just could not tell what exactly the change was.

He had come over today because of something to do with the wife of the CEO.

Gu Juexi tapped his slender fingers on the table. Yesterday, Gu Tianmu threatened to sue him. Today, Qian Yikun sent him an invitation to the opening of the resort. Moreover, he even attached a copy of the decoration project for him.

Why couldn’t those two people just leave him be? He didn’t even like them.

“When did I become a decoration store?” Gu Juexi growled, glancing at the document with no intention to sign it.

PA Wen remained silent.

The suffocating ability of the CEO had not changed at all.

“The resort development project was signed by you and the chairman of Qian Feng Enterprise at the time. Moreover, it is also clearly stated in the contract that the final decorations were to be provided by Gu Enterprise,” PA Wen tried to explain the matter as clearly as possible to him.

Firstly, this matter involved two parties: Qian Yikun and the young mistress.

One of these people was someone he did not like at all, and the other was a thorn in his heart that should not be mentioned.

Secondly, the middle person for the signing of this contract was none other the young mistress.

It could be said that this one matter had attacked the CEO twice.

Gu Juexi looked at the contract again. Naturally, he remembered it.

It was only because of Ye Yuwei that the previous chairman had given him this opportunity to make money.

However, on the day of signing the contract, Ye Yuwei had a small car accident and that was how he found out Ye Yuwei’s reason for marrying him.

It was not something he would like to remember, but there was no way he could ever forget it.

Was Ye Yuwei still alive? The crazy idea had stayed in his mind ever since he woke up.

However, he did not dare search for her because he was afraid that this would all just be a dream.