The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 423

Chapter 423: She Felt as Though She Was Talking to Gu Juexi

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The pen in Ye Yuwei’s hand fell on the table with a loud sound.

“So you are admitting that there was no bomb in the sapphire and that the five minute time limit was fake?” Ye Yuwei asked quietly.

“Of course. If I didn’t tell you that you only have five minutes left, how else would you become nervous and lose your common sense? Ye Yuwei, you can only blame yourself for being so stupid and gullible,” Bai Yuyan said smugly.

Ye Yuwei listened to Bai Yuyan’s words but she was not angry.

“Miss Bai is indeed very smart, and I hope that Miss Bai will continue to stay this smart. Otherwise, whatever is coming for you next will make you very nervous, Miss Bai,” Ye Yuwei slowly replied.

It took a few years for her to truly understand her mother-in-law’s words. Sometimes, she did not need to be emotional. If she replied calmly, the other person would be more afraid.

Over the past few years, she had learnt this skill very well. She had even mastered whatever Gu Juexi had told her.

She had reached a position where no one could frighten or threaten her anymore.

Bai Yuyan frowned as she listened to Ye Yuwei speak. This Ye Yuwei was really different compared to the Ye Yuwei of the past.

“Then I shall wait for you to make me nervous. I can’t wait to see how you intend to defeat me,” Bai Yuyan said mockingly.

Ye Yuwei put the pen down and rested her head on one hand, scoffing at Bai Yuyan’s words.

“Bai Yuyan, we have more than enough time. I will definitely deal with you slowly,” Ye Yuwei smiled as her voice grew more intense. “I am simply afraid you will admit defeat in advance.”

“Ye Yuwei, don’t be so full of yourself. I am more afraid that you would have to hit yourself in the face then,” Bai Yuyan replied, obviously provoked.

“Of course we have to hit someone in the face, but it will be your face. Bai Yuyan, I think you will be looking forward to the day that I return,” Ye Yuwei finished and then hung up the call.

After the phone conversation ended, Bai Yuyan felt as though she had become air. She felt as though she was drifting.

Ye Yuwei. That woman, Ye Yuwei was still alive.

Moreover, whatever she said had made Bai Yuyan nervous.

She felt as though she was talking to Gu Juexi.

Ye Yuwei seemed to have completely changed into another Gu Juexi.

After ending the call with Bai Yuyan, Ye Yuwei quickly got back to the matron. She then began to look at the time limit to move for the contract that Bai Yuyan had given the orphanage.

She did not believe that what Bai Yuyan did to take the location of the orphanage was legal.

She had not even begun to look for Bai Yuyan but that woman had delivered herself to her doorstep first.

Since she could not wait, they could start from her business. She had not given her a loan in the past, but this time she would make her regret choosing this location.

At Gu Enterprise in B City.

When Gu Juexi found out the location that Bai Yuyan had selected for her studio, it was already after working hours.

PA Wen had specifically come over to inform him.

“The orphanage?” Gu Juexi asked.

“Yes, I do not know what connections Bai Yuyan has, but the land had already been approved to her,” PA Wen said as he followed Gu Juexi back in to the office.

If it was another location, the CEO might have let it go. However, the orphanage was the place that used to be his wife’s residence. Moreover, the CEO had been secretly funding the orphanage for the past few years. Hence, he would never let Bai Yuyan get her way.