The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 426

Chapter 426: He Was Really A Witty Little Devil

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At Gu Mansion, B City.

It was already the middle of the night.

Gu Juexi who had not fallen asleep yet received a notification for an incoming email.

[Fox: Hello daddy. We will meet you soon.]

Gu Juexi sat up quickly as soon as he read the email.

We will meet you soon?

There was also a picture of a little devil smiling attached to the email.

This person really was a little devil.

A really clever little devil that knew how to turn off the network right after he sent the email. He was afraid that Gu Juexi would be able to hack into his phone or laptop.

It seemed like this little devil was about to appear.

As Gu Juexi could not sleep, he decided to reply the email using the same account.

However, the email remained unread. This showed that the little brat had indeed turned off his network immediately after sending the email.

He was really a clever little devil.

Gu Juexi had the uncontrollable urge to find out who this person was. This was the first time in the past six years that he had the intention of pursuing something.

He wanted to know who the little devil was. Maybe it was because he knew when Ye Yuwei’s birthday was.

Or maybe it was solely because of that.

Surprisingly, Gu Juexi fell asleep after replying the email.

Nalan Chunbo had booked the entire first-class cabin as he did not like to be around other people. Xixi played on the flatbed in the cabin while Ye Xicheng gripped his cell phone that had been switched off.

Ye Yuwei put down both armrests for her daughter before she turned around to look at her son. “What is wrong?”

Ye Xicheng quickly flashed a wide smile at his mother as he excitedly replied, “I am just really happy and excited to go on a business trip with mommy.”

Ye Yuwei naturally felt relieved when she saw her son smiling. Although she felt that he had been acting weird for the past two days, she would not force him if he did not want to tell her.

Nalan Chunbo sat down in the aisle seat. “Bai Yuyan does not have the proper documentation to force the people in the orphanage to move out immediately. As soon as you arrive in China, you can use that information against her.”

Ye Yuwei nodded her head in agreement. She had already checked that in the morning.

That was the first thing she wanted to do when she arrived; she would never let Bai Yuyan have her way so easily.

“There is another thing that you should know. The people who are supporting Bai Yuyan behind the scenes are Gu Tianmu and Gu Zhenjiang. I believe you are familiar with them.”

Ye Yuwei was lost in thought for a moment. Gu Tianmu and Gu Zhenjiang.

Gu Juexi’s father and grandfather, two men who didn’t care about their wives and children.

[This kind of love will be exhausted sooner or later. I admit that you really love my son but as a mother, I would like to speak on my son’s behalf. Yuwei, maybe you do not love Juexi as much as you think. All you thought about was treating him well and being good to him, but you never thought about why Juexi was unwilling to accept your kindness, or why he does not believe in love.]

Ye Yuwei frowned. Those words from her mother-in-law always played in her mind.

Her mother-in-law had clearly denied the love she had for Gu Juexi, saying it was superficial.

A love without a purpose was the most superficial love, and her dedication to Gu Juexi had always been without a purpose.

However, she no longer had the ability to love now.

She only wanted to watch her two children grow up, and exact her revenge.

Love was simply too extravagant for her at the moment; she could not afford it.

“No matter how powerful Gu Enterprise was in the past, you have to understand that for the past six years, Gu Juexi had not expanded his business. Furthermore, he was repeatedly attacked by Gu Tianmu, so Gu Enterprise is currently far behind in comparison to Gu International,” Nalan Chunbo reminded Ye Yuwei.