The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 427

Chapter 427: That Iron Maiden Was Called Nalan Wei

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Ye Yuwei did not express her opinions but she still had a distressed expression on her face.

She did not want to know why Gu Juexi had lost the will to expand his business in the past few years. She did not want to care about Gu Tianmu’s relentless attacks on his own son. Her only motive for returning to China this time was to take revenge on Bai Yuyan.

However, Ye Xicheng listened intently to the news on Gu Juexi.

He felt that his mother was only deceiving herself, why else would she name him ‘Ye Xicheng’ and his sister, ‘Ye Xixi’?

After all, Gu Juexi still existed.

Ye Xicheng wondered who Gu Tianmu was. Did he have a grudge against that Gu Juexi man?

He was the only one who could deal with Gu Juexi! Everyone else should just get lost.

When the plane took off, the happiest person was Xixi who did not understand what was going on. Xixi sat on Ye Yuwei’s lap as she hugged her mother and chattered away. Ye Yuwei did not pay attention to what her daughter was saying.

At the international airport at B City.

PA Wen was trembling as he turned to look at the CEO sitting in the rest area.

He had come to the airport today to pick up his sister, Wen Shan, but the CEO insisted on coming along. Furthermore, he did not go to the VIP lounge to rest after arriving, but sat at the common rest area instead. PA Wen did not understand what the CEO was waiting for.

Gu Juexi was wearing a black suit. He did not have much space to stretch his long legs as the common area was small and crowded with people.

He was wearing a pair of sunglasses and leaning comfortably against the chair. His hand was gripping his phone tightly even though he was not using it.

PA Wen observed his CEO carefully. He did not understand why the CEO suddenly had a drive when he had been silent for the past few years.

The vibe that the CEO was emitting brought him back to six years ago when the young mistress was still around and the CEO’s mood could never be determined.

Gu Juexi himself did not understand why he wanted to come to the airport.

Maybe it was because the little devil had told him that he was coming to B City.

So because of the email that had come like a gust of wind, Gu Juexi was here at the airport.

The bustling crowd at the airport did not seem to bother Gu Juexi at all.

PA Wen did not know what was going through the CEO’s mind.

“Brother! Brother! I am here.”

PA Wen’s thoughts were interrupted by the sound of Wen Shan calling out to him.

PA Wen’s sister, Wen Shan, was only twenty-six years old this year. She was in the third year of her physics doctorate and was one hundred and seventy-two centimetres. She had very short, cropped hair and looked just like PA Wen.

PA Wen took his sister’s luggage and immediately demanded, “What did you put inside?”

“Mom packed you some bacon, canned food, and God knows what else. How am I supposed to know what is in there? I am too exhausted,” Wen Shan started complaining. As soon as she saw Gu Juexi sitting nearby, she shrieked and ran over to him. “Brother Gu, did you come to pick me up? I am so honored. Brother Gu, let me tell you about the seminar that I am going to attend in the United States—”

“Look after the bags, you are talking too much. I am going to drive the car over,” PA Wen snapped before his CEO got annoyed.

“Why are you yelling at me?” Wen Shan whined. “Brother Gu, look at what he is doing.”

Gu Juexi removed his sunglasses and glared at PA Wen.

PA Wen was speechless.

What the heck? I have been working diligently for you for the past twenty years but you do not treat me that well!

PA Wen felt that he had been seriously wronged.

“I will go and start the car,” PA Wen sighed and kicked his sister’s shoe lightly before heading to the car park to drive the car to the entrance.

Wen Shan made a face behind her brother’s back then sat down beside Gu Juexi. “Brother Gu, I watched your last movie but I felt that there were still some problems in it,” Wen Shan said excitedly. “When I saw Nalan Chunbo last time—”

“Nalan?” Gu Juexi had not intended to speak but when he heard the name, he could not help but ask about it.

That iron maiden was called Nalan Wei.