The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 428

Chapter 428: Time Stopped

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“Yes, Nalan Chunbo. Brother Gu, you do not know? He is an internationally renowned mathematician and he is also a banker,” Wen Shan said, clearly star-struck. “He is also really handsome, just like Brother Gu. The main point is that he is really a math genius.”

Gu Juexi frowned and said, “You are not so bad yourself.”

“That is not the same, Brother Gu. Haven’t you heard before? No matter how much of a genius you are in physics, you still have to give it up to those who excel in mathematics,” Wen Shan said as she let out a sigh. “It seems like Nalan Chunbo has a sister who came out of nowhere. Her name is Nalan Wei and she is also a mathematician. However, everyone says that she is not his sister, but that she is actually his wife,” Wen Shan whispered as she inched close to Gu Juexi.

As soon as Wen Shan had finished speaking, Xixi fell down directly in front of Gu Juexi.

Gu Juexi was shocked and instinctively hurried over to help Xixi to stand up.

Wen Shan who was stunned for a moment also quickly hurried over and squatted down to look at the leg of the little girl who had fallen down. “Little girl, are you okay?”

Xixi did not cry or make a scene this time but she sighed as she looked at her knees that were already bruised. How was she going to explain this to her mother and brother this time?

Gu Juexi placed his hand on the little girl’s knees and started rubbing her bruise. He observed the little girl and saw that she had many scars all over her body from previous falls.

Xixi looked up and said, “I am fine. Thank you, uncle and auntie.”

When Xixi looked up and saw Gu Juexi’s face, she suddenly gasped.

This was the guy who had been on television. This was the handsome man that looked exactly like her brother.


“Xixi.” Ye Yuwei was waiting to collect their luggage but Xixi had insisted on running along to find her brother who had gone to the washroom. Ye Yuwei did not know how to handle her daughter anymore.

Ye Yuwei did not bother looking at the person who was squatted in front of Xixi, and she quickly knelt down on the ground to check for any injuries on Xixi’s body.

“How many times had mommy told you not to run by yourself? Why can’t you just listen to me?” Ye Yuwei said in a distressed voice.

Gu Juexi’s body stiffened when he saw Ye Yuwei rushing over.

Everything around him seemed to fade away at that very instance. All he could see was her figure and all he could hear was her voice.

Ye Yuwei—

Ye Yuwei—

“Mommy, I am really sorry. I just wanted to look for my brother,” Xixi said quietly. She stretched out her little hand and held onto her mother’s clothes. “I am not in pain. I do not feel any pain at all.”

In reality, Xixi’s knees were really hurting.

Gu Juexi slowly stood up, but he was so nervous that his body was trembling uncontrollably.

Wen Shan saw that Gu Juexi’s expression had changed and she reached out and held onto his arm and said, “Brother Gu, Brother Gu.”

Ye Yuwei saw her daughter’s innocent face and pleading and she quickly looked up to thank the man. “Thank you for helping—”

Before she could finish speaking, she saw the face of the man who could make her mind go totally blank and make her feel like she was suffocating.

Gu Juexi—

Gu Juexi—

Ye Yuwei subconsciously took a step back and there was a bewildered look on her face.

She knew that she would definitely meet Gu Juexi when she came back. She had also imagined the numerous ways that she would run into him.

However, she had never imagined that she would run into him here.

Time seemed to have drawn a ‘wait for a moment’ symbol between them, and the crowd of people around them were still moving fast. Time stood still between them.


A gentle voice and a light tap on Ye Yuwei’s shoulder shattered the stillness of this moment.