The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 429

Chapter 429: You Said Nalan Wei is Nalan Chunbos Wife?

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Gu Juexi’s eyes slowly fell on Ye Yuwei’s shoulders.

Ye Yuwei’s quickly regained her composure.

She quickly shifted her eyes that were looking at Wen Shan’s hand, which was holding on tightly to Gu Juexi’s arm.

“CEO Gu, it has been a long time,” Ye Yuwei said as she straightened her back and smiled at the man standing before her.

‘It has been a long time?’

Gu Juexi listened to those harsh words coming from her.

He looked at the person who was standing before him. The person who had appeared in his hallucinations for the past six years.

She was not an illusion. She was a living person, she was alive.

This living person was talking to him. She was telling him; CEO Gu, it has been a long time.

Ye Xicheng stood quietly next to Nalan Chunbo.

He stood there silently staring at Gu Juexi.

‘This is the man. The man who did not want Mommy.

‘He looks—

‘Okay fine, he’s more handsome than him.’

But this could not be used as a reason to forgive what he had done!

Nalan Chunbo did not like Gu Juexi. This was a fact that had existed long ago.

When he saw Gu Juexi, he looked at him provocatively and immediately turned to Ye Yuwei and said, “Let’s go now.”

“I want Daddy to carry me. Xixi’s knees hurt,” Xixi said with a voice filled with grievances. Her uncle doted on her, he would not blame her for falling down and hurting herself.

Moreover, before they left the plane, her uncle had told her that she must call him daddy when they are here. If she did not do that, he would not help her to say good things in front of her mother.

Nalan Chunbo stooped down and carried Xixi. He took a look at her knees and started rubbing it gently. “Were you being disobedient again?”

Nalan Chunbo said, as he walked past Gu Juexi with Ye Yuwei tagging behind him.

After Ye Xicheng walked past Gu Juexi, he turned back and looked at Gu Juexi who was still standing there in a daze. His delicate little mouth twitched slightly, forming the evil smile that only Gu Juexi could have.

‘My dearest daddy, I will see you soon.’

“Nalan Chunbo. That is Nalan Chunbo!” Wen Shan said excitedly.

“You said that Nalan Wei is the wife of Nalan Chunbo?” Gu Juexi did not move, but asked Wen Shan the question that had previously bored him.

“Yes, that is right. Everyone seems to say that. She is the iron maiden, Nalan Wei,” Wen Shan said as she turned around to look at the people who had already left. “I have already said that they must be husband and wife. Their children are already—” Before Wen Shan could finish speaking, Gu Juexi had already held out his wallet in front of her face to show her a photograph.

“Now, do you still think that she looks familiar now?” Gu Juexi said and kept his wallet before he strode out.

Wen Shan was speechless.

‘Are you trying to scare me to death?’

So, that woman just now was Brother Gu’s wife who had passed away six years ago.

Now, this situation was a little awkward.

When PA Wen came over, he saw the CEO walking away hurriedly. He quickly hurried over to his sister as he kept his eyes on the CEO. “What happened?”

“I had just experienced an event that could change our entire lives,” Wen Shan said. She was thinking about how she could explain this to her brother. It seemed like she had just made a huge mistake.

“What nonsense are you talking about? Let’s go already,” PA Wen said as he lifted the heavy luggage.

“I just saw Ye Yuwei. Brother Gu’s wife who had been missing for six years,” Wen Shan said cautiously.

“What did you say?” PA Wen was startled at his sister’s words.