The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 431

Chapter 431: After Six Years, You Are Finally Starting Again

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Bai Yuyan also saw Ye Yuwei who had just stepped out of her car. She squinted her eyes to take a better look at Ye Yuwei before she slammed her car door shut.

“Ye Yuwei.” Bai Yuyan said as she raised her eyebrows and observed Ye Yuwei in detail.

Ye Yuwei smiled as she looked at Bai Yuyan. “Miss Bai, are you here to get your documents notarized?”

“Is it really you?” Bai Yuyan frowned. She was still in disbelief. “What are you doing here?”

Ye Yuwei looked at Bai Yuyan who was getting more defensive. She took a few steps and stopped right next to Bai Yuyan and said, “Do you really not know what I am here for?”

“Ye Yuwei, this is my business. You had better not interfere in it,” Bai Yuyan threatened her coldly.

“Oh, I am so scared.” Ye Yuwei said as she leaned forward and said word-by-word; “Bai Yuyan, listen clearly to what I have to say. I promise you that you will fail in whatever you try to do from today onwards. I will make sure of it.”

Bai Yuyan was stunned and she watched as Ye Yuwei took a step back.

Ye Yuwei looked down at her manicured nails and said coolly, “You could still try. I know that Gu Tianmu is the one supporting you right now, but I am telling you, Bai Yuyan, I am not fazed by even Gu Tianmu.”

“Ye Yuwei, what are you acting for?” Bai Yuyan smacked her lips together, her eyes clearly filled with hatred.

“I am not acting. After all, I am not the professional actress that you are,” Ye Yuwei said as she flicked her nails and stared at Bai Yuyan once again. “The reason that I am here today is to tell you that, Bai Yuyan, I have set you as my target.”

“Well, that depends on whether you have the ability to deal with me,” Bai Yuyan said arrogantly.

When Ye Yuwei was about to reply, she suddenly felt that something was wrong. She looked up and saw Gu Juexi walking out of the SRC.


‘Wasn’t he just at the airport a while ago?’

Gu Juexi was accompanied by PA Wen.

As soon as PA Wen saw Ye Yuwei, he almost screamed.

‘Oh God!’

The young mistress was really still alive. This was too good to be true.

Ye Yuwei nodded slightly in acknowledgment when she saw PA Wen. She could see the excitement on his face.

PA Wen wanted to talk to Ye Yuwei, but Gu Juexi merely took a look at Ye Yuwei before directly walking past her.

That was why—

PA Wen was speechless.

‘Now that the young mistress was alive, are you acting up again?

‘Why don’t you think about how the past six years had been for you?’

Gu Juexi strode to his car, but suddenly stopped when he arrived at his car door.

How could Ye Yuwei be such a heartless woman?

He had been going through hell for the past six years, but she was living her life happily with another man.

What right did she have?


PA Wen was following right behind Gu Juexi and just as he was about to speak, he was shocked when Gu Juexi suddenly turned around. Before PA Wen could figure out what had just happened, Gu Juexi had already carried Ye Yuwei up in his arms and was walking back towards his car. Ye Yuwei did not know what was happening and she was struggling to free herself.

“Hey!” Ye Yuwei shouted in shock as she did not expect to be carried away.

Nalan Chunbo was also caught off guard as he watched this scene unfold but he quickly got out of the car.

Was Gu Juexi a thug or a beast?

Did he think that he could kidnap anyone he wanted?

Gu Juexi pushed Ye Yuwei into the car, and then quickly locked the door as he grabbed the keys from PA Wen and swiftly drove away.

Gu Juexi did everything so swiftly in one go.

When Nalan Chunbo got back into the car to give chase, Gu Juexi had already driven far away.

PA Wen and Nalan Chunbo were both speechless.

‘CEO, after six years, you are finally starting again.’

For the first time, PA Wen felt happy that his CEO was doing this.