The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 432

Chapter 432: Gu Juexis Outburst

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Nalan Chunbo turned around and looked at PA Wen as he placed his arms on his waist. “What a thug. Isn’t kidnapping illegal in China?”

PA Wen looked at him and thought to himself, ‘So, this is the legendary mathematician.’

“Kidnapping is illegal in any country, but our CEO and the young mistress enjoy playing this game. So, this can’t be helped,” PA Wen replied with a smile.

Nalan Chunbo raised his brows as he looked at the man standing before him. “So, you are that all rounded assistant who is always by Gu Juexi’s side. The most expensive personal assistant in B City and the only one who has the authority in the absence of the CEO.”

“Mr. Nalan, you are praising me too much,” PA Wen said humbly. “If Mr. Nalan is fine with this, you can—”

“Enough of this nonsense. Where did Gu Juexi take my sis—my wife to?” Nalan Chunbo nearly revealed something that he should not have.

Naturally, PA Wen heard each and every word clearly. He smiled as he said, “Mr. Nalan, the marriage between our CEO and the young mistress is still valid. If you say it like that, then I should advise you that bigamy is really illegal in China.”

Nalan Chunbo was finally dealing with PA Wen face-to-face. Standing in front of him and looking at PA Wen who was smiling widely, Nalan Chunbo finally understood why Ye Yuwei was always full of praises for PA Wen.

Nalan Chunbo reached out his hand and grabbed hold of PA Wen’s collar. “What did you hear just now?”

“I did not hear anything that I should not. Really,” PA Wen replied as he looked at Nalan Chunbo with huge sincere eyes beneath his glasses.

He really did not want to interfere this time.

He would just have to wait and see if the CEO or the young mistress would give in first.

Based on the turn of events, it seemed like his CEO would be the first to cave in.

Nalan Chunbo was also a wise man. Although he did not understand why PA Wen, who had got Gu Juexi’s back all the time chose to turn a blind eye to this, he was still very happy.

At this time, Ye Yuwei who had been shoved into the car finally stabilized herself. She took a deep breath and turned to face the man who was driving the car at an abnormally fast speed.

“CEO Gu, what are you trying to do?” Ye Yuwei asked patiently.

The car suddenly came to a screeching halt at the side of the road.

Ye Yuwei almost slammed into the windscreen because of this sudden stop, but in the next second, Gu Juexi held her back against the back of the car seat.

Ye Yuwei’s shoulders and back were sore because of this sudden movement.

“Ye Yuwei, why didn’t you come back? It has been six years. If you were alive, why didn’t you return? Do you know how I have lived for the past six years? My life was a living hell. What kind of person are you, Ye Yuwei?” Gu Juexi yelled. He had been holding back all his feelings ever since he bumped into her at the airport two hours ago. He finally broke down.

He was very loud and he was acting hysterically.

It was déjà vu. Ye Yuwei was also acting hysterically six years ago.

His eyes were bloodshot and it felt as though he would strangle her to death if he did not like her answer.

Ye Yuwei’s ears were hurting from his shouting.

The close distance made her unable to see Gu Juexi clearly at the moment.

However, she could clearly feel the anger that he was feeling.

This was not the first time that she was experiencing Gu Juexi’s rage. However, this was the first time she had seen such extreme hatred built in his rage.

Gu Juexi continued staring at Ye Yuwei. He was observing each and every one of her expressions and movement. It was as though he was afraid that if he blinked, this would all turn out to be an illusion just like what he had been hallucinating for the past six years. He was afraid that if he blinked, Ye Yuwei would just disappear once again.