The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 433

Chapter 433: Very Well, This Was Just Like Gu Juexi

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It was probably because the pained look in his eyes was too shocking.

Ye Yuwei did not know how to respond to his question.

What did he say?

Why didn’t she come home?

Did she have a reason to come home?

“Why?” Gu Juexi asked once again. This time there was no more anger in his voice.

Ye Yuwei wanted to avoid his gaze, but Gu Juexi held onto her chin, staring right into her face.

“There is no reason why. The both of us no longer owed one another anything, right?” Ye Yuwei maintained her composure and tried to keep her voice as calm as possible.

“We no longer owe one another?” After listening to these words, Gu Juexi grew more frustrated.

“Ye Yuwei, you said we no longer owed one another anything?” Gu Juexi sighed and asked once again. He continued holding onto Ye Yuwei, pressing down on her shoulders and causing her to feel pain again.

Ye Yuwei felt pain in her shoulder, but she endured it, refusing to make any sound.

Ye Yuwei smacked her lips together and stared at Gu Juexi as he went on with his outburst.

“You are Fox, aren’t you? Didn’t you make use of me to deal with Yu Sha’er?” Ye Yuwei suddenly replied.

After she had finished speaking, the car was completely silent once again.

Their rapid breathing was the only sound audible, but no one knew whose breathing it was.

Gu Juexi tightened his hands around Ye Yuwei’s shoulder, and she flinched as the pain was overbearing.

The matter concerning Yu Sha’er was still the bridge that kept that apart even to this day.

Gu Juexi took a deep breath and then slowly released his grasp. He was afraid that if he lost control, he would really act beyond what he wanted to do at this instance.

Gu Juexi did not answer her question. Ye Yuwei held on tightly to the leather seat belt and her expression slowly softened.

She must be really insane to have asked that question.

What was the point?

Gu Juexi slowly moved away from Ye Yuwei and his breathing got heavier.

“Get out.”

Gu Juexi suddenly opened his mouth and said. He pressed on the car horn suddenly, making a loud and harsh sound.

Ye Yuwei trembled, shocked at the sudden hostility and the sudden loud sound. She quickly got out the car and Gu Juexi drove off as swift as the wind, as soon as she got out the car.

‘He is really mentally retarded.

‘Why doesn’t he run for an Oscar award for acting instead of the best director award?’

Ye Yuwei groaned. Even after a few years, this man was still the best representative for the mentally retarded.

Ye Yuwei stood by the roadside as she looked at the place that felt strangely familiar but distant at the same time.

For a moment, she could not tell where that mentally retarded Gu Juexi had dropped her at.

Ye Yuwei calmly took a few deep breaths, but even after several deep breaths, she still not could suppress the anger that she was feeling.

“Alright, Gu Juexi. I will return in full everything that you are doing to me.” Ye Yuwei, who had not received this kind of treatment for the past six years said to herself. She had just returned to China and was immediately berated by Gu Juexi, and he actually abandoned her by the side of the road.

Very well, this was just like Gu Juexi.

She finally remembered how he was.

To think that she actually felt bad for him when she saw the pain in his eyes. She must be insane.

As soon as Ye Yuwei recognized her location, she immediately called Nalan Chunbo to tell him that she was okay. She asked him to bring the children to the hotel first, while she returned to the SRC to get things sorted out.

“Did Gu Juexi do anything to you?” Nalan Chunbo asked, as he had been worried sick.

“Don’t mention that person in front of me,” Ye Yuwei said and ended the call directly.

Nalan Chunbo was speechless.

That was a good reaction.