The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 434

Chapter 434: The Most Powerful CEO Who Goes Berserk When He Sees His Wife

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When Gu Juexi returned to the company, PA Wen was already there.

As soon as PA Wen saw the CEO who was filled with rage entering the office, he quickly turned around and looked behind him. Ye Yuwei had not followed him here. However, out of curiosity, PA Wen followed Gu Juexi into his office.

He would naturally not ask worthless questions such as whether the young mistress was actually still alive.

“CEO, where is the young mistress?” PA Wen asked cautiously.

“I abandoned her by the roadside. Why? Do you want to go and pick her up?” Gu Juexi asked satirically.


‘Are you insane? How could you just abandon her by the roadside?

‘You’ve waited for her to return for the past six years! Now that she is back, you are pushing her away again.

‘What kind of stupid operation is this?

‘CEO, could you please tell me what is wrong with you?’

The change in PA Wen’s expression was obvious, even as he tried to maintain a straight face.

“Stop cursing me secretly. The expression on your face gives it all away.” Gu Juexi was furious. He knew that PA Wen often disagreed with him, but he had always held back his own opinions.

However, today his mood had evolved from utmost happiness to utter despair in a matter of seconds. For the past hour, he had been overjoyed and now it seemed that all that could be felt from him was despair.

No, it was hatred!

PA Wen’s suddenly had a serious expression on his face.

“CEO, it is not a very good idea to just abandon your wife by the roadside,” PA Wen finally expressed what he had been holding back.

“She had been refusing to let go of the Yu Sha’er incident for ages now. How did I make use of her? If she had not acted like she would die if she did not get rid of Yu Sha’er, would I have needed to solve the Yu Sha’er issue through her?” Gu Juexi yelled and threw the documents that he had in his hands on the ground.

PA Wen subconsciously took a step back as he looked at the documents that were scattered on the ground around him. “CEO, have you tried explaining the matter to the young mistress?”

“What do I have to explain? She would never listen.” Gu Juexi was now burning with anger and it was impossible for him to listen to anyone.

PA Wen was speechless.

‘If you did not explain yourself, I would also think that you were using the young mistress if I was not the sentimental person that I am.

‘You should not assume that other people would understand whatever that is going on in your own mind.

‘This is good. The most powerful CEO who goes berserk when he sees his wife.’

“CEO, I feel that…”


Before PA Wen could finish his sentence, the door was pushed open by Xiao Yaojing. In the next instant, he was already pushed to the side by Xiao Yaojing.

“Yuwei is still alive, isn’t she? Is Yuwei back home already?” Xiao Yaojing asked eagerly. Her eyes were red.

Gu Juexi looked at the eager Xiao Yaojing and he was instantly in a better mood.

Even Xiao Yaojing did not know that she was still alive.

However, should Gu Juexi really be glad to have this thing in common with this woman?

“Gu Juexi, what are you laughing about? I am asking you whether Yuwei is still alive.” Xiao Yaojing stared at Gu Juexi, then decided to give up on him and walked towards PA Wen who was about to leave the room. “Wen Tao.”

PA Wen smiled and stopped in his tracks. He did not know how he should answer her question. He turned around and looked at his CEO. Very well, he had not reacted. It should be safe to answer her question then.

“Yes, the young mistress is still alive. She is already back and she…”

Before PA Wen could finish his sentence, Xiao Yaojing had already run out of the office.

She had run off at an incredible speed.

However, how could she not have caught up to Mr. Lu with this speed?