The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 436

Chapter 436: For the Past Few Years, Because of You, Gu Juexi

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PA Wen could only start the car engine as he looked at the two women who were still arguing.

‘Great, the CEO is offended once again!


This foolish Xiao Yaojing really gave him a headache all the time.

“Sometimes, a woman’s feelings can be overwhelmingly…” PA Wen could not help but open his mouth to put in a good word for Xiao Yaojing. However, he quickly shut his mouth when he saw the expression on the CEO’s face.

It was too late. He could not save them anymore.

Ye Yuwei dragged Xiao Yaojing along with her until they arrived at her hotel room. As soon as they arrived at the hotel room, they were greeted by an excited Xixi and Ye Xicheng. The children excitedly greeted their mother when they saw her but they were stunned for a moment when they saw Xiao Yaojing.

“It’s your godmother. Remember the godmother that Mommy always talked about? Have you already forgotten?” Ye Yuwei hurriedly said, wanting to use the children to appease Xiao Yaojing’s anger.

Ye Xicheng blinked his eyes as he stared at the woman standing beside him mother and quickly greeted her, “Hello, godmother.”

Xixi saw that her brother had greeted the woman and although she was still feeling shy, she also greeted Xiao Yaojing. “Hello, godmother.”

“Ye Yuwei, you—” As soon as Xiao Yaojing saw the two young children, all her anger quickly went away. She squatted down and reached out her hands to pull the two young children into her embrace. “Oh my god, you are both so cute. Ye Zi, when did you give birth to them? How can they be so adorable!”

Ye Yuwei secretly breathed a sigh of relief. Yaojing had just called her Ye Zi. This meant that she was no longer as angry as she was before.

Nalan Chunbo had something that he had to do, and therefore, he left to do his own stuff.

Ye Yuwei sat down on the sofa and watched as Xiao Yaojing played with the two young children.

After playing for a short while, Xixi fell asleep.

Ye Yuwei carried Xixi up and brought her to the bed so she could sleep there. She also put Ye Xicheng to bed so that he could rest for a little while. After all, it was a long flight and all of them were already exhausted but Ye Xicheng did not rest as he had to take care of his younger sister.

After both the children had fallen asleep, Ye Yuwei sat on the edge of the bed and watched as they slept.

“After I fell into the sea, I was saved by—” Ye Yuwei thought for a while but she could not bring herself to say the word ‘mother’. “I was saved by someone. After being in a coma for more than two months, I woke up and started to recuperate and focus on keeping the pregnancy strong. I almost lost my life when there was extensive bleeding when I gave birth to them prematurely. It took about two years before I finally regained my health. I thought that if I had really died when I jumped into the sea, everyone should have forgotten me by now. I was never going to come back to China, that was why I did not contact any of you,” Ye Yuwei slowly said as she reached out and held tightly onto Xiao Yaojing’s hand. “Yaojing, I am really sorry.”

Xiao Yaojing had obviously forgiven Ye Yuwei already, but she was still reluctant to admit it. She pushed Ye Yuwei’s hand away, and turned around to look at the two sleeping children. “Are they Gu Juexi’s?”

“They are my own,” Ye Yuwei said defensively, while covering the quilt properly over her children.

Xiao Yaojing ignored Ye Yuwei’s half denial.

“Then why did you come back?” Xiao Yaojing asked as she knelt down by the bedside and caressed Xixi’s cheeks. This little doll was really too adorable.

“Bai Yuyan. I came back because of Bai Yuyan.”

“That shrewd woman? Yes, it is time to deal with her,” Xiao Yaojing replied as she laughed heartily.

“Thankfully, your son is not like that man. He is really a gentleman,” Xiao Yaojing thought about her interaction with Ye Xicheng a little while ago. She could tell from his actions that he was not like his father.

Ye Yuwei nodded her head in acknowledgment. That had been one of the most gratifying things to her.

“But for the past few years, because of you, Gu Juexi—”