The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 439

Chapter 439: The Orphanage Was Destroyed

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After ending the conversation with Wen Jie, Xiao Yaojing did not say anything but kept looking at Ye Yuwei.

Ye Yuwei continued holding tightly onto the cell phone in her hand. She slowly squatted down and kept her head down.

Xiao Yaojing let out a sigh. She slowly stood up and walked over to Ye Yuwei. She then squatted down next to Ye Yuwei and held onto her hands that were still shaking uncontrollably.

Ye Yuwei did not look up, but continued looking at the ground.

Xiao Yaojing stared at the droplet of tears that were falling on the ground and she gently pushed Ye Yuwei’s head to rest on her shoulder.

If she had not been hurt so deeply, she would not have chosen to stay overseas all by herself while bringing up two young children.

She could tell of Ye Yuwei’s determination from Lu Qichuan’s recap of what had happened and how Ye Yuwei had jumped into the sea that day.

Ye Yuwei was in low spirits for quite some time, but Xiao Yaojing continued staying by her side.

In the end, Ye Yuwei chose to meet up with Wen Jie. Wen Jie continued accommodating her. She knew that Ye Yuwei might not want to return to Gu mansion, and therefore, she chose to meet her in a hotel room instead.

Ye Yuwei was grateful for her mother-in-law’s thoughtfulness. She watched as the two children were playing with one another and she thought about it for a while before saying, “Mom, can I bring two persons to see you tomorrow?”

Wen Jie who was sitting on her bed in Gu Mansion was stunned for a moment when she heard those words.

So many things had happened to Ye Yuwei in the past, and therefore, she did not have any hope of her grandchild being alive.

That was why Wen Jie had some concerns when Ye Yuwei said she was bringing someone to meet her.

“Okay, sure,” Wen Jie replied without changing her tone. If Ye Yuwei could be happy, she would be happy for her too.

However, what would her son do then?

“Mom, it is already late. Your health is not good, please rest earlier,” Ye Yuwei said with concern in her voice.

“Mom wants to talk to you for a little while. I still feel like I am dreaming,” Wen Jie said as she laughed lightly. When she heard movements outside, she knew that her son was home.

“Mom, you are not dreaming. I am really home,” Ye Yuwei gently replied. “You will be able to see me tomorrow.” There will also be other people that you will be so excited to meet. Ye Yuwei did not mention the last sentence. It was a surprise for her mother-in-law.

Ye Yuwei continued chatting with Wen Jie, but then ended their conversation when she received another phone call.

When Ye Yuwei answered the call, she could hear the sound of children crying in the background.

“Miss Nalan…”

“Matron?” Ye Yuwei replied anxiously. “What happened?”

“Those people came to destroy the orphanage again,” The matron quickly replied. “These children have no place to go now. It is already night time, what should I do now?”

“Matron, I am coming over now. Please wait for me.” Ye Yuwei quickly replied as she grabbed her coat and headed toward the door. “Yaojing, please look after my children for a while.”

“Ye Zi, how are you going to go there?” The hotel room door was already closed before Xiao Yaojing could get an answer.

As soon as she entered the elevator, Ye Yuwei pressed on the ground floor button eagerly. While she was waiting for the elevator to reach the ground floor, Ye Yuwei received a call from Bai Yuyan.

“Ye Yuwei, did you really think that I would give in just because the Securities Regulatory Bureau did not approve my application?” Bai Yuyan said arrogantly, as though she had already won.

Ye Yuwei took a deep breath, and quietly pressed on the voice recording button.

“Bai Yuyan, why must you fight for that piece of land? B City is so massive, there are countless amount of lands that you can buy. Why must you fight for this piece of land?” Ye Yuwei held her breathing and asked in a calm manner.