The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 444

Chapter 444: Gu Juexi, Wait for It

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When Ye Yuwei arrived at the hotel room, she was still furious.

At this point, both the children were already fast asleep. Nalan Chunbo was still awake as he was waiting for Ye Yuwei to come home. Xiao Yaojing had fallen asleep as she must have been exhausted from playing with the children the whole day.

Ye Yuwei entered the hotel room cautiously. When she saw Nalan Chunbo sitting on the sofa, she reached out and patted herself on her chest. “Brother, you scared me!”

“Where did you go?” Nalan Chunbo asked with a frown on his face. He watched as Ye Yuwei slowly made her way to him and laid down on the sofa.

Ye Yuwei was resting her head on Nalan Chunbo’s legs. “That woman, Bai Yuyan did not even let me catch my breath and she had already taken actions against the orphanage.”

“Do you expect her to tell you and give you time to get ready and prepare your defense when she is planning to kill you?” Nalan Chunbo said as he reached for the glass of milk on the table and passed it to Ye Yuwei.

“Why do you speak more obnoxiously than Gu Juexi?” Ye Yuwei asked as she rolled her eyes. She held onto the cup and gulped the milk down in one shot.

“So, you just met with Gu Juexi again?” Nalan Chunbo asked with a gloomy expression on his face.

Ye Yuwei was speechless.

Ye Yuwei’s smile was a little awkward. Her brother’s hatred for Gu Juexi was old news.

“It was unexpected. Totally unexpected,” Ye Yuwei answered and then quickly stood up. “I am exhausted, I am going to take a shower before going to bed. Do not wake me up before noon tomorrow.”

“Weiwei, don’t forget what happened in the past,” Nalan Chunbo said with a serious tone.

Ye Yuwei’s footsteps were shaky and she subconsciously tightened her fists. There was no change in her expression.

“The only reason I went out today was because of the orphanage. I was also dissed by Gu Juexi today. That man’s mouth is always obnoxious so please do not worry, I am not a fool,” Ye Yuwei replied before going into the bedroom.

Anyway, it was a fact that she had lost the battle to Gu Juexi today.

Nalan Chunbo watched as Ye Yuwei who was flustered hurriedly went into the bedroom. This was only the first day, why did he feel that things are already getting out of hand?

There was no deep rift or vengeance between Gu Juexi and Ye Yuwei.

All there was, was merely the complications from their relationship because of their love for one another.

Nalan Chunbo felt that he should have a talk with Gu Juexi.

He would not give anyone his sister!

The next morning when Ye Xicheng woke up, both his mother and godmother were still fast asleep.

Ye Xicheng quickly washed up and got dressed before looking for his little backpack. He then took the divorce agreement that he had asked his godmother to write for him and put it into his backpack. Ye Xicheng then wrote a note to his mother and left the hotel room carrying his little backpack.

Ye Xicheng went outside the hotel and walked to a taxi that was stopped at the entrance of the hotel. After climbing into the taxi, he gave a location to the taxi driver.

“Little boy, you cannot take the taxi by yourself,” the taxi driver said kindly.

“Uncle, I am going to look for my daddy. I am telling the truth. This is my daddy. Do you know him?” Ye Xicheng said as he took out Gu Juexi’s picture from his little backpack and showed it to the taxi driver.

The taxi driver took a look at the picture and then exclaimed, “Oh, you are Mr. Gu’s son? You look just like him. Alright, uncle will send you to meet him.”

“Thank you, Uncle,” Ye Xicheng said as he kept the photograph back into his backpack. He stared at the finance magazine that was on the driver’s passenger seat.

‘Gu Juexi, wait for it. I am coming to meet you soon.’

Ye Xicheng’s lips curved into a smile as he clung tightly to his little backpack. His backpack contained the most important thing.