The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 445

Chapter 445: The CEO Has Met His Match

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When the taxi arrived at Gu Enterprise, Ye Xicheng paid the taxi driver for the ride here. He then slowly climbed off the taxi and went into Gu Enterprise.

“Children nowadays are really capable of anything.” The taxi driver said to himself after watching Ye Xicheng entering Gu Enterprise. He then drove away.

Ye Xicheng entered Gu Enterprise and stood around the concierge. As it was time for everyone to start work, many people started entering the company.

Ye Xicheng was quickly pushed to the side by the crowd of people entering.

But he did not care. All he had to do was wait for Gu Juexi.

Ye Xicheng stood there waiting for Gu Juexi and when it was already ten o’clock and he still did not see him coming, he slowly walked over to the front desk. Ye Xicheng held onto the edge of the table and tiptoed to look up at the woman who was sitting behind the front desk. “Elder sister, elder sister.”

The young lady sitting at the front desk heard someone calling out to her and she stood up and saw Ye Xicheng standing in front of her behind the desk. “What is the matter, little boy?”

“I am looking for Gu Juexi.” Ye Xicheng saw that the young lady had already seen him and he let go of his hand and stopped tiptoeing. He was already very tired.

The receptionist at the front desk was taken aback as she had never seen anyone who was brave enough to refer to their CEO by name. Moreover, this little boy really resembled their CEO.

The receptionist stepped out from her cubicle and walked to the front of the desk. She squatted down and looked at Ye Xicheng face-to-face. “Little boy, what is your name? Why are you looking for our CEO?”

“I just want to look for Gu Juexi. Elder sister, can you tell me how to go to him?” Ye Xicheng was getting impatient and there was a frown on his little face.

“Our CEO is having a meeting right now. He might not have the time to see you. Why don’t you tell me why you are looking for him, or maybe you can tell me how to contact your family member? I can ask your family member to come and pick you up.” The receptionist spoke to Ye Xicheng gently.

“My daddy is Gu Juexi. Ask him to come and pick me up,” Ye Xicheng said. He was getting impatient.

The receptionist was stunned for a moment.

He was their CEO’s son?

Now, this was getting awkward.

Even if she had joined the company not long ago, she knew that ever since the death of the CEO’s wife six years ago, their CEO had never looked for another woman. Therefore, how could he have a son who was already so big?

However, the more she looked at him, the more she felt that the little boy resembled their CEO.

“Little boy, will it be okay if I made a phone call to PA Wen first?” The receptionist was cautious as she felt that the little boy really resembled their CEO.

If she was not careful and it turned out that he was really their CEO’s son, she would be finished.

“Alright then.” Ye Xicheng nodded his head in agreement. PA Wen was Gu Juexi’s personal assistant who was always by his side. His mother said that Uncle Wen’s status was very high.

At this time, PA Wen was also in the conference room, attending the meeting with Gu Juexi. Their CEO had finally decided to rebuild the enterprise after six long years.

When PA Wen received the phone call from the receptionist downstairs, he almost broke the pen that he had in his hand. “The CEO’s—” PA Wen quickly shut his mouth and whispered, “I am coming down now. Please help me to keep the child around.” PA Wen stood up directly and turned to inform Gu Juexi, “CEO, I have to go out to get something done now.”

Gu Juexi glared at PA Wen from the corner of his eyes and nodded his head slightly, indicating that PA Wen could leave.

PA Wen hurriedly ran down the stairs with lightning speed.

When PA Wen arrived at the concierge, he saw the little boy standing there waiting. Ye Xicheng was still carrying his little backpack and he had a frown on his face as he was getting impatient from all the waiting.

PA Wen was speechless.

This boy, was really a duplicate of his CEO.

“Your mommy is Ye Yuwei?” PA Wen asked as he squatted down in front of the little boy who was a miniature version of his CEO.

“Uncle Wen, where is Gu Juexi?” Ye Xicheng asked as soon as he saw PA Wen.

PA Wen smiled when he heard Ye Xicheng addressing him. This boy was intelligent. He called him ‘Uncle Wen’ and this meant that his mother must have talked about him before. Therefore, this must be Ye Yuwei’s son.

This time, the CEO had met his match.

A miniature version of himself.