The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 446

Chapter 446: Gu Juexi, Divorce. Signature Please

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PA Wen felt emotional all of a sudden. This was a strong little boy. After all, so many things had happened in the past.

By God’s protection, not only was the young mistress still alive, her son was also alive.

PA Wen reached out his hand and patted Ye Xicheng lightly on his small head. He then carried Ye Xicheng up and said, “Come, let’s go and look for your daddy.”

“He is not my daddy,” Ye Xicheng said in a serious tone as he put his arms around PA Wen’s neck.

PA Wen broke out in laughter. He was laughing because he was happy for his CEO. His CEO had been so depressed when he had lost his wife that year. Now, not only was the young mistress alive and well, she had also brought their son back with her.

However, PA Wen did not intend to speak up for his CEO. Even though he knew that the little boy was up to no good, he was happy to be his accomplice.

After all, his CEO needed something else in his gloomy life.

PA Wen carried Ye Xicheng all the way to the top floor where Gu Juexi’s office was. Gu Juexi’s secretary was shocked when she saw them. When PA Wen carried Ye Xicheng into the office, the secretary stood up to peep at the little puffball in PA Wen’s arms.

Ye Xicheng was not shy or afraid, but he was already looking outside the office, scanning everyone who was present there.

PA Wen started to like the little boy more and more as he watched the little boy’s big eyes scanning the room. This little boy was so much more likable in comparison to his CEO, and it felt like he had better people skills too.

“Have you had your breakfast? Uncle Wen will ask someone to make you some food, okay?” PA Wen said as he put the little boy down on the table, and was about to put his little backpack aside.

Ye Xicheng quickly snatched his backpack over and said, “I want to meet Gu Juexi.”

PA Wen was stunned for a moment and then he broke into laughter when he saw Ye Xicheng hugging his little backpack tightly. “Is that a bomb?”

Ye Xicheng was speechless.

“Uncle Wen, stop making fun of me. I do not want to die together with Gu Juexi so soon,” Ye Xicheng said with a serious face.

PA Wen laughed once again and was certain at this point that this child was indeed more adorable and likable in comparison to his father.

“Alright, Uncle Wen will take you to meet him but first, you have to tell me your name and what you intend to do,” PA Wen replied in a serious tone as he put his hands on the little boy’s shoulders.

Ye Xicheng frowned before replying, “My name is Ye Xicheng. I came to ask Gu Juexi to sign a divorce agreement. Are you going to stop me, Uncle Wen?”

Ye Xicheng was very honest with his intention and PA Wen was completely caught by surprise.

As a matter of fact, the CEO and the young mistress were already divorced six years ago.

The divorce certificate was personally handled by him.

However, no one knew of this matter.

The CEO had then kept his will and the two divorce agreements in a location that no one knew about.

“Uncle Wen will not stop you. Your father is in the middle of a meeting right now, but he is just in the room next door. Why don’t you walk over there and look for him by yourself? However, you cannot betray Uncle Wen okay?” PA Wen said to Ye Xicheng in the same manner that Ye Xicheng had just spoken to him. He would definitely not object to something that would bring the CEO back to life.

Ye Xicheng nodded as he listened to PA Wen’s words. PA Wen carried him down from the table. Ye Xicheng slowly took the divorce agreement out of his little backpack and then carried his backpack. He held tightly onto the divorce agreement as he started walking out of the office. He was heading towards the battlefield.

PA Wen watched as the little boy walked out of the office. His lips curved into a slight smile.

Six years. It had already been six long years.

All the people who could help the CEO regain his life were slowly appearing one by one.

Ye Xicheng walked to the conference room next door, and slowly pushed the door open with all his might. The sound of his small voice could be heard as he suddenly spoke.

“Gu Juexi, divorce. Signature please.”