The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 449

Chapter 449: The Old Meatball Cares About Him

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The little meatball snorted but did not reply his question.

Gu Juexi carried the little meatball outside and PA Wen had already driven the car over and was waiting for them. Gu Juexi placed the little meatball in the backseat of the car and then quickly took the car keys over from PA Wen.

“Keep an eye on the police station. Inform the police station that no one is allowed to bail Bai Yuyan out. I will be going over to the police station in the afternoon.” Gu Juexi had already driven the car away before PA Wen could reply.

PA Wen was speechless.

Indeed, his CEO was already asking for trouble.

He felt that the coming days were going to be very interesting.

Of course, when things got interesting, it might be unlucky for him too.


The little meatball let out a little yelp when he was thrown in the backseat by Gu Juexi. He then slowly stabilized himself and sat down properly on the backseat.

“Old meatball, are you trying to kill me?” The little meatball snorted.

Gu Juexi smiled and drove the car meticulously. After all, his little meatball was sitting in the backseat. He had to be extra cautious.

“Are you and your younger sister fraternal twins?” Gu Juexi asked once again.

“No, my younger sister comes from my stepfather,” The little meatball replied smugly. He had deliberately emphasized the word ‘stepfather’.


‘The smug look on his face is definitely not from me. It must be from that woman, Ye Yuwei.’

However, after hearing the little meatball’s words, Gu Juexi’s expression instantly changed.

So, that sweet little puffball was not his daughter?

Compared to this little meatball, he had more of a soft spot for that little puffball.

However, even if the sweet little puffball was not his own daughter, he was a hundred percent sure that he was going to keep Ye Yuwei by his side.

He had decided that he wanted her and nothing was going to change his mind.

The little meatball was frowning as he hugged his little backpack on the backseat of the car. When his cell phone rang, he could feel butterflies in his stomach. He quickly answered the call and spoke in a small and sweet voice, “Mommy.”


‘Does your biological father know that you are such a good actor?

‘Okay fine, your biological father knows.’

“Where have you gone to? Come home now,” Ye Yuwei said. She had just woken up and she was changing clothes for her daughter. They were going to see their grandmother in a while.

“Mommy, I will come home soon. I did not go anywhere. I was just walking around downstairs,” Ye Xicheng answered his mother in a serious matter. He did not want her to worry.

“Didn’t I tell you that you should not just go out by yourself over here? It is not safe for a little boy like you to be running around by yourself.” Ye Yuwei was not reprimanding her son, but she just wanted him to understand her concerns.

“I understand, Mommy. I will come home now.” The more Ye Xicheng spoke, the more obedient he sounded.

The expression on the little meatball’s face changed immediately after he hung up the call. He quickly said, “You can send me back now.”

“Little meatball, I am your daddy,” Gu Juexi suddenly said.

“My mommy told me that my daddy is a hero. He had already died fighting for our country.” The little meatball proudly told Gu Juexi the story that his mother had told him.

Died for the country?

Died for the country!

Well played, Ye Yuwei. This woman really knew how to make up stories.

She must have planned to kill him off and raise the child herself, six years ago.

Gu Juexi did not make things difficult for the little meatball. After learning that the place that they were staying at was Qianfeng Hotel, Gu Juexi’s expression turned uglier.

Why did Ye Yuwei have to relate herself to Qianfeng Hotel out of all places in B City?

Gu Juexi drove him all the way to the entrance of the hotel before he stopped his car. After getting off the car, Gu Juexi watched as the little meatball was about to run off. He quickly said, “Little meatball, the next time you want to look for me, give me or Uncle Wen a call. You are not allowed to come and look for me all by yourself.”

The little meatball turned around and stared at Gu Juexi. He felt that the old meatball cared about him.