The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 454

Chapter 454: Gu Juexis Protection Toward Her

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Ye Yuwei placed the chopsticks properly for Wen Jie. Gu Juexi had completely taken over the responsibility of looking after Xixi.

Wen Jie had respected her wishes and her decision. Therefore, naturally she would not ask Gu Juexi to leave.

This was her mother-in-law’s capability and intelligence. It was no surprise that she was able to survive in the Gu family for so many years.

Her mother-in-law understood her. She knew that if she gave her the respect that she wanted, then she would also have fought for the right for Gu Juexi to stay.

“It was indeed difficult in the beginning,” Ye Yuwei said honestly. She could become the iron maiden today because she had gone through all the difficulties step-by-step.

When Gu Juexi heard that sentence, he paused for a moment and subconsciously looked at Ye Yuwei.

However, Ye Yuwei did not look at him but continued taking food for her mother-in-law while feeding Ye Xicheng at the same time. “I could get through all that because of what you had taught me, Mom,” Ye Yuwei said as she took a deep breath. “You were right. In this world, not everyone deserves your kindness and patience.”

Although Ye Yuwei did not have any hidden meaning behind her words, Gu Juexi knew that anyone who could say those words would have gone through a lot of hardship and learnt that through their ordeals.

For someone like Ye Yuwei who had a gentle and kind heart comparable to the Virgin Mary, she must have gone through an inexplicable amount of hardships that turned her into the person that she was today.

“I have said that if kindness is not straightforward, then this kind of kindness must be cowardly,” Wen Jie said and started coughing again.

Ye Yuwei quickly put down her chopsticks and gently patted Wen Jie’s back.

Wen Jie lifted her hands slightly, signaling Ye Yuwei not to be so worried. “Mom knows it must have been tough on you for the past few years.”

Ye Yuwei held back her tears. She thought back to when she first entered Qianfeng Enterprise and was attacked and targeted by everyone. It was the most challenging three months of her life, but it was also because of those three months that she finally grew stronger.

It was also during those three months that she finally realized that she could do so well in the banking industry as a fresh graduate because of Gu Juexi’s protection towards her. Even if everyone in the bank were unhappy or dissatisfied with her performance, they did not dare to mistreat or judge her because they were all afraid of Gu Juexi.

Gu Juexi had a frown on his face. He had not taken care of children before, and therefore, he was attentively feeding Xixi without even taking a single spoon of rice for himself.

However, he was also distracted as he tried to listen to Ye Yuwei’s story.

He was the one who had forced Ye Yuwei to grow up.

However, growing up was such a painful process to begin with.

Therefore, he was already full of remorse.

Why must she grow up?

He could have sheltered her for her entire life.

Ye Yuwei took a deep breath and pinched her nose slightly to hold back her tears. It was probably because of Wen Jie that the weakness that she had not felt in years suddenly resurfaced again. “Mom, don’t worry. I am doing very well now. Everything is perfect.”

Wen Jie nodded slightly. She could tell that Ye Yuwei was happy now.

Without her son, Ye Yuwei could still live very well and she could teach her children to be filial and obedient.

But her own son was not living well.

Her son had changed a lot from yesterday. The change in him was huge. His speech wavered, and he was now in an active mode of attack against his father, despite ignoring him for years.

She knew that all this was because of Ye Yuwei.

This person no longer needed her son by her side.

“Mommy, I want to pee,” Xixi suddenly said.

As Ye Yuwei stood up, Wen Jie held her back and said, “Let Juexi do it.”

Ye Yuwei was stunned for a moment. She did not say anything, but sat down quietly.