The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 458

Chapter 458: Did You Offend Gu Tianmu?

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“A quadratic function could have two solutions,” Nalan Chunbo replied as he started laughing.

Ye Yuwei was speechless.

She had no way of refuting those words.

“Weiwei, you must go back overseas immediately,” Nalan Chunbo suddenly said.

“No, I will not,” Ye Yuwei replied firmly as she leaned back against the sofa. “Bai Yuyan had not received the retribution that she deserved yet, so why should I go back now?”

“If you are not my sister, I would have beaten you up already,” Nalan Chunbo said angrily.

Ye Yuwei pulled at the edge of Nalan Chunbo’s clothing. “I am not so stupid, brother. I would not jump into the same pit twice. I already know that our marriage would not work.”

“Okay fine, let’s not talk about Gu Juexi. Then, did you offend Gu Tianmu?” Nalan Chunbo started questioning her.

‘Gu Tianmu?

‘Gu Juexi’s father.’

Ye Yuwei leaned back against the sofa and said, “Don’t worry, he is just a scumbag.”

“I asked whether you have offended him,” Nalan Chunbo was really angry.

Ye Xicheng squatted by the door as he eavesdropped on their conversation. He had never seen his uncle get so angry before.

‘Gu Tianmu? Who is that?’

Ye Yuwei frowned. “Yes, I have offended him in the past. Six years ago, I even had a confrontation with him.”

Nalan Chunbo stood up immediately and pointed his finger at Ye Yuwei. He subsequently held back his words but said, “Do you know how established Gu International is? Do you even know who Gu Tianmu is?”

“I know who he is. I have even dealt with him a few times before, but he did not know that it was me,” Ye Yuwei said faintly. “What is the issue here? My mother-in-law was married to him for so many years, but did he ever regard her as his wife? He had only seen Gu Juexi for a few times ever since he was born, left China, and returned to fulfill his army duties.”

“So, do you feel injustice for Gu Juexi now?” Nalan Chunbo laughed sarcastically.

Ye Yuwei was speechless.

She held back all the vulgar words that she had wanted to say. “At that time, I was young and not sensible. Furthermore, at that time he was continuously attacking Gu Juexi. I could not hold myself back and therefore I rebuked him at that moment.”

“Now, that would be problematic. Gu Tianmu is a very vengeful person. Now that he knows you are alive, he would definitely not let you off so easily, even if you are the mother of his grandson,” Nalan Chunbo said satirically. “Look at what kind of family you chose to get involved in.”


“It has already been so many years. I don’t think Gu Tianmu would come after me just because I had confronted him once,” Ye Yuwei said in disbelief.

“Let’s put it this way. Gu Tianmu might not be coming after you, but he might be coming after Gu Juexi. However, no matter how you put it, Gu Juexi will always be his son. Therefore, he will then shift his anger towards you and attack you instead,” Nalan Chunbo said as he frowned. “The moment you arrive, you sent the representative that he had sent to deal with Gu Juexi to prison. Do you think he will let you off so easily?”

“Gu Juexi was the one who had arranged for her arrest,” Ye Yuwei said calmly.

Nalan Chunbo looked at her coldly.

Ye Yuwei did not speak anymore because this person did not believe her anyway.

She did not expect Gu Tianmu to be directly attacking her just because of that incident in the past.

Was it because he still thinks that she was the reason why her mother-in-law divorced him?

Since he did not care about her mother-in-law anyway, why should he be bothered about that?

Ye Yuwei gently touched her chin. She really did not understand this.

Ye Xicheng slowly retreated back into the bedroom. Gu Tianmu seemed to be the father of the old meatball, but it seems like the old meatball was not liked by his own father.