The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 462

Chapter 462: Ye Yuwei, the Dog Offended You

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“Let go off me. It is none of your—”

“Mr. Gu, you still do not know?” Bai Yuyan said smugly. “In the past, Mrs. Gu was—”

“Bai Yuyan, watch what you say or else you might not be able to deal with the consequences,” Ye Yuwei interrupted her bluntly before she could finish her sentence.

Ye Yuwei’s tone was so sharp that even PA Wen was surprised.

Bai Yuyan was still smiling as she stared at the two people who were standing on the opposite side of the glass panel. “It seems like Mrs. Gu does not want Mr. Gu to know the truth.”

Gu Juexi held onto Ye Yuwei’s hand more tightly and Ye Yuwei could no longer contain her anger and she shrugged his hand off roughly.

“If you tell me what this is all about, maybe I will consider letting you go now,” Gu Juexi calmly said. He was still looking at Ye Yuwei but his words were directed at Bai Yuyan.

Ye Yuwei sneered at his words. She slammed her hands on the table and stared at Bai Yuyan. “Well, you can try your luck.”

Ye Yuwei’s threat was visible in her eyes. She no longer needed to speak to show that she was domineering.

Bai Yuyan naturally knew what Ye Yuwei was trying to tell her. If Gu Juexi found out about what she had done, he would definitely kill her without Ye Yuwei needing to do anything else.

The tension in the room gradually increased.

Ye Yuwei was still glaring at Bai Yuyan who seemed to be contemplating her next course of action.

All this time, Gu Juexi had never shifted his eyes away from Ye Yuwei.

This woman had really changed. She could even threaten other people in front of him now.

Bai Yuyan shrugged a little and then said, “Gu Juexi, I don’t think you will be able to threaten me anymore when your father arrives.”

Gu Juexi did not respond to Bai Yuyan.

PA Wen on the other hand quickly let out a laugh. “Miss Bai, I think you still do not understand the situation that you are in. You are now in CEO Gu’s territory. No one will be able to bail you out. Not even Gu Tianmu.”

“You—” When Bai Yuyan heard PA Wen’s sentence, she could no longer contain her emotions. She slammed her hands on the table, stood up and glared at PA Wen.

PA Wen was still smiling elegantly. “I am just informing Miss Bai so that you don’t have any unrealistic fantasy going on in your head.”

Ye Yuwei stared at Bai Yuyan who had finally gotten angry and she slowly released her grip on the table.

“Bai Yuyan, why must you go after the orphanage? Why must you fight for that piece of land?” Ye Yuwei suddenly asked, revealing her purpose for coming here today.

“Because I want that old hag to see that the person who finally got the orphanage in the end is me, and not you!” Bai Yuyan said slyly.

Ye Yuwei clenched her fists tightly. “Bai Yuyan, don’t you have a conscience? If it was not for the matron, you would have frozen to death on the street a long time ago.”  – You’re reading on B oxnovel.c om .Tks!

Bai Yuyan’s expression did not change and she glared at Ye Yuwei with hatred in her eyes. “Ye Yuwei, stop pretending to be a good person in front of—”

“Ye Yuwei, the dog offended you and you let the dog eat her own conscience. Aren’t you afraid of poisoning the dog?” When Bai Yuyan was dissing Ye Yuwei, Gu Juexi suddenly interrupted with a sentence that seemed to be blaming Ye Yuwei.

Ye Yuwei: “…”

PA Wen: “…”

Bai Yuyan’s expression immediately turned dark.

Ye Yuwei could not help but turn around and stare at Gu Juexi. Gu Juexi sneered and said, “Why are you looking at me? You don’t even know how to deal with people. Do you need me to teach you everything?”


‘Well done, Gu Juexi.’

In the past, he dissed her for not being able to deal heads on with others.

Now, he was dissing her method of dealing with people.

What was this man’s problem?