The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 465

Chapter 465: What About Gu Tianmu and Her Mother-in-law?

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When the traffic light turned red, Nalan Chunbo turned around and looked at Ye Yuwei.

Ye Yuwei was also looking at Nalan Chunbo. “This is so ridiculous. Gu Tianmu personally came just because Bai Yuyan is locked up?”

Nalan Chunbo looked Ye Yuwei in the eyes before replying, “No, he is coming for you.”

Ye Yuwei had also thought about that but she had refused to admit it. Therefore, after Nalan Chunbo brought the idea up, Ye Yuwei was still refusing to admit it. “I had only confronted him once, is there a need for him to do this?”

Nalan Chunbo started driving again when the traffic light turned green.

The people from the Gu family were all strange and unpredictable, one after another.

Nalan Chunbo added another insulting sentence before he stopped talking about the subject matter.


This was the question that Ye Yuwei had feared the most.

When Gu Juexi said that he loved her, no matter how much she tried to deny it and no matter how mean Gu Juexi was to her, she could actually feel it.

His feelings for her were real.

But what about Gu Tianmu and her mother-in-law?

What kind of relationship did they have?

At B City International Airport.

When Gu Tianmu arrived through the VIP lane, there were already people there waiting to receive him.

He was wearing a beige suit. He had a face that closely resembled Gu Juexi behind those sunglasses. The only difference was that he had the meaner look.

“Chairman, Ye Yuwei is currently staying at Qianfeng Hotel.” The person who had arrived to pick him up quickly said while opening the car door for him. “Would the chairman like to go to Gu Mansion first, or to Qianfeng Hotel first?”

“Qianfeng Hotel.” Gu Tianmu took off his sunglasses and played around with it in his hands.

This daughter-in-law that he had only met once before. He had to meet her and check her out properly.

Who gave her the courage to confront him?

The sunglasses in his hands reflected the sunlight across his face and the accentuated the evil smile splashed across his face.

When Ye Yuwei and Nalan Chunbo arrived at the hotel room, Xixi was still sleeping. When Ye Xicheng saw them coming in, he hurriedly put down the book that he was reading, jumped off the sofa and quickly ran towards them.

Ye Yuwei squatted down and hugged Ye Xicheng tightly. “Has your sister been sleeping for a long time already?”

“Yes, Mommy. Sister has been sleeping for quite some time already. She has been sleeping a lot today,” Ye Xicheng said as he knitted his brows together. He could not help but be worried about his younger sister.

Ye Yuwei looked at Xixi who was sleeping on the sofa. She walked over to the sofa and sat down beside her sleeping daughter. She was only relieved when she touched Xixi’s forehead and was certain that she was not having a fever.

After putting away the car keys, Nalan Chunbo sat down on the sofa too. “I have previously spoken to a few psychiatrists. When things are settled here, we can go back and bring Xixi to a few of those doctors.”

Ye Yuwei nodded her head. Xixi had just woken up and when she saw her mother beside her, she quickly put her small little hands around her mother’s neck. “Mommy.”

“Okay baby, wake up. Stop sleeping already,” Ye Yuwei said as she kissed her daughter’s face. She was afraid that sleeping too much would be bad for her daughter’s health.

Nalan Chunbo carried Xixi up in his arms and held her as she stood on his lap. “Xixi, if you wake up now, uncle will bring you to eat delicious food.”

“Okay.” Xixi rubbed her eyes and tried her best to stay awake. She looked at her uncle and smiled.

Ye Yuwei was heartbroken to see her daughter in this state.

The doorbell suddenly rang. Ye Yuwei took a deep breath before she stood up and answered the door.

There was a stranger standing outside the door.

“Miss Ye, our chairman has a request,” the man said respectfully.