The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 467

Chapter 467: Your Feelings for Gu Juexi is Written all Over Your Face

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When Ye Yuwei returned to the hotel room, Nalan Chunbo could tell that she was unhappy. “What happened? Did your negotiation failed?”

“How is that possible?” Ye Yuwei laughed and said. “I am just feeling a little upset.” Ye Yuwei looked back at Nalan Chunbo and then said, “Never mind, let’s go for dinner now. I do not wish to talk about him anymore.”

Ye Yuwei did not expect that the first thing Gu Tianmu would do when he arrived in China would really be to look for her.

He had come to threaten her, to warn her and to show her what he was capable of doing.

In fact, it was Gu Juexi who had asked his mother to divorce Gu Tianmu in the past. However, Ye Yuwei took the blame because if she did not do so, she knew that Gu Tianmu would definitely attack Gu Juexi.

She felt that Gu Juexi had already been hurt enough by his father and she did not want to add to his pain.

Nalan Chunbo sneered as he saw the expression on Ye Yuwei’s face.

Ye Yuwei carried Xixi away from Nalan Chunbo. When she noticed the look that Nalan Chunbo was giving her, she asked him, “What is the matter now? Why are you looking at me like this?”

“Your feelings for Gu Juexi is written all over your face,” Nalan Chunbo replied immediately.

“What nonsense are you babbling about now?” Ye Yuwei said as she carried Xixi and walked out of the hotel room.

Nalan Chunbo shrugged. He looked down at Ye Xicheng and held his hands before walking out with him.

In the past, because Ye Yuwei loved Gu Juexi, she was willing to do everything for him. She would have done anything to make him happy.

Now, she was already started to feel bad for Gu Juexi’s past.

Her love for Gu Juexi might have been purely superficial in the past.

Now, her feelings for him would definitely be deeper.

Gu Tianmu had arrived at the right time. His arrival had explained why Gu Juexi had previously failed to understand and give love.

Nalan Chunbo had a hunch that his cousin would not be able to escape this time.

The Gu Juexi that he hated, was very likely to become his brother-in-law once again.

At this time at Gu Enterprise.

It was already lunchtime when Gu Juexi found out that Bai Yuyan had been released on bail.

PA Wen did not dare to say anything else after reporting it to the CEO.

“Bail?” Gu Juexi said as he slammed his hands on the table. He sneered. “Well, Gu Tianmu is very willing to spend his money for Bai Yuyan’s sake.”

“The chairman found someone to prove that the person in the voice recording was not Bai Yuyan,” PA Wen whispered. He had not expected the chairman to use such a despicable mean to get what he wanted.

Even if the CEO had made the first move, everything depended on evidence.

“What about Ye Yuwei?” Gu Juexi suddenly asked.

“She is still in the hotel,” PA Wen quickly replied.

Gu Juexi stood up and walked two steps to the front before taking a step back again. “Has Bai Yuyan already been released from prison?”

“She will probably be released in the afternoon,” PA Wen said. “Should we use the evidence that we have on Bai Yuyan regarding the jewelry plagiarism case?”

“No, that card is temporarily unavailable. Provide the police with the evidence that Bai Yuyan is suspected of manipulating the data of Bo Shen Enterprise in the past,” Gu Juexi said. “Since Gu Tianmu has so much money, let him spend more money to bail her out again.” Gu Juexi said and left the office directly.

PA Wen was speechless.

This was the absolutely perfect move.

It did not even cross his mind.

But where has the CEO gone to?

At this time at Qianfeng Hotel.

Ye Yuwei was still carrying Xixi after they were done with their meal. She was listening to Xixi going on and on talking to her about random things. Ye Xicheng who was sitting beside them argued occasionally with Xixi.

“What are you planning to do with Bai Yuyan?” Nalan Chunbo asked as he leaned back against the chair and sipped on his hot tea.

Ye Yuwei reached out and held onto Xixi who was about to hit her brother. She calmly replied, “I will make her pay me back for whatever she did to me in the past.”

Nalan Chunbo could tell that Ye Yuwei meant what she had just said. As he was about to speak, he saw several police officers pushing the door open and rushing in.