The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 470

Chapter 470: SheWas Blind?

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Ye Yuwei returned to the hotel room with the two young children. Nalan Chunbo only returned after the two children had fallen asleep.

Ye Yuwei was forcing herself to focus on the Qianfeng Enterprise’s document that she had to review.

When Nalan Chunbo returned, Ye Yuwei lifted her head to look up at him but quickly lowered her head again, pretending to focus on the document that she was viewing.

Nalan Chunbo knew exactly what Ye Yuwei was aiming for, but he pretended not to know anyway.

Ye Yuwei scrutinized the data in the document, but only a few words were really going into her mind.

Ye Yuwei put down the document and went to get herself a glass of water. “I will be going out in a while. I am going out to meet a friend.”

She did not mention Gu Juexi at all. It was as though she did not care about him at all.

In fact, she was dying of curiosity to know about what Gu Juexi had talked about with Nalan Chunbo. Why had he returned only after such a long time?

“Who?” Nalan Chunbo asked with his brows raised.

“Brother Lu. I have mentioned him to you before,” Ye Yuwei returned with a cup of water in her hand. “Brother Lu had just returned from a business trip today. That’s why I plan to meet up with him tonight.”

“Lu Qichuan?” Nalan Chunbo confirmed. When Ye Yuwei nodded her head, Nalan Chunbo smirked and said, “That Lu Qichuan is a hundred times better than Gu Juexi. How could you have fallen for Gu Juexi instead? You must have been blind!”

Ye Yuwei had not finished her cup of water but was already reprimanded by Nalan Chunbo.

She—was blind?

“Anyway, please stay back at the hotel to look after the two children for me. Please take special care of Xicheng for me. He had been acting weirdly ever since we came back to China,” Ye Yuwei said as she signed the document. “Brother Qian will be coming over in a while to collect the document from me. Please help me to pass it to him later.”

Nalan Chunbo nodded while hugging a pillow in his hand. He watched as Ye Yuwei grabbed her bag and started to walk towards the door.

“Hey, are you really not interested to know what Gu Juexi and I were talking about?” Nalan Chunbo asked suddenly.

Ye Yuwei slowed down her steps and turned around to face the man who was sitting on the sofa. “No, I am not interested to know at all.”

Nalan Chunbo laughed and looked at Ye Yuwei who was already walking away. Her curiosity was already written all over her face but she was still denying it.

Ye Yuwei had made an appointment to meet up with Lu Qichuan at a coffee shop near Qianfeng Hotel.

When Ye Yuwei arrived at the coffee shop, Xiao Yaojing was already sitting there and chatting with Lu Qichuan.

Lu Qichuan’s back was facing her and Xiao Yaojing was the one facing Ye Yuwei.

The first person to notice her arrival was Xiao Yaojing.

When Xiao Yaojing saw Ye Yuwei, she quickly tapped Lu Qichuan’s hand, indicating that he should look behind him.

Lu Qichuan quickly turned around and stood up immediately.

Ye Yuwei was standing a few steps away from him. Lu Qichuan curved his lips into a smile right after he turned around. He then took a few steps forward towards Ye Yuwei.

“Brother Lu, it has been such a long time,” Ye Yuwei said with a smile.

Lu Qichuan’s body stiffened as he saw the woman who was smiling in front of him. He did not know what he was feeling. He was just really thankful that she was still alive.

“Yes, it has indeed been such a long time,” Lu Qichuan composed himself before replying Ye Yuwei. “When I heard the news about your return, I was still in disbelief. This is outrageous!”

“He thought I had lied to him. Am I that kind of person?” Xiao Yaojing said as she gritted her teeth.

After Lu Qichuan sat down, he let out a light laugh. “No, no, it is my fault. I am the villain.”

Ye Yuwei sat down next to Xiao Yaojing. Xiao Yaojing quickly ordered a cup ofbarley and corn juice 1 for Ye Yuwei before saying, “I know that this is your favorite.”

Ye Yuwei reached out and held onto Xiao Yaojing’s arm tightly. “I know that you always treat me the best! So, the reason why I haven’t seen you for the whole day today was because you went to pick Brother Lu up from the airport? The both of you—”