The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 477

Chapter 477: What was His Plan?

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Although Ye Yuwei had not been around for the past few years, she still had an impression of Lin Ximei.

After all, this person was really popular in Gu Enterprise.

Lin Ximei was a self-righteous person who liked to talk behind people’s back and enjoyed playing the victim in front of men. She was also extremely narcissistic and did not allow anyone to refute her as she believed that she was always right.

She was a very problematic person, but she had an indispensable talent in designing.

This was the only reason why Gu Juexi had retained her in Gu Enterprise. After all, Gu Juexi was the kind of person who believed that if you have the ability, then you have the right to show off.

Why did Gu Juexi arrange for this person to come?

Gu Juexi should have known the kind of person she was.

“CEO Gu is really unpredictable. Why did he send this person over here to deal with you?” Qian Yikun said with a smile on his face.

If it was based on ability, Lin Ximei did indeed have the expertise.

However, now that the person in charge of dealing with the design department was Ye Yuwei, wouldn’t it be better for Gu Juexi to liaise with her personally?

He had already given them an opportunity to work together so why wasn’t Gu Juexi seizing the moment?

Why did Gu Juexi arrange for such a difficult person to deal with Ye Yuwei?

What was his plan?

Ye Yuwei could also tell that this was Gu Juexi’s way of making things difficult for her.

Well done. Well done indeed.

She had already gone through so many obstacles in the past six years, this was nothing to her. She would not be fazed!

When Qian Yikun and Ye Yuwei arrived at the ground floor, Lin Ximei was already waiting with her assistant at the lobby.

Lin Ximei paused for a moment when she saw Ye Yuwei.

“Nalan Wei.” Ye Yuwei reached out her hand to greet Lin Ximei.

As soon as Lin Ximei heard Ye Yuwei’s name, she no longer had any more doubts. After all, she had never met Ye Yuwei before and had only seen vague pictures of her in the news or tabloids.

Therefore, Lin Ximei did not even look at Ye Yuwei, nor did she intend to shake hands with her. She walked toward Qian Yikun and greeted him cheerfully, “CEO Qian, I have just surveyed the area. The environment here is very good.”

Ye Yuwei felt nauseous immediately. Very good?

What was very good?

“What is that look that you’re giving me?” Lin Ximei asked when she saw Ye Yuwei’s expression that was filled with disgust.

“You really don’t know? I am feeling so disgusted that I feel like vomiting,” Ye Yuwei replied without any hesitation. Ye Yuwei held the file tightly in her hand and glared at Lin Ximei before saying, “Miss Lin, I think your company sent you here to deal with the fine decoration matter and not to put on a show for us to see.”

Qian Yikun lowered his head as he broke out into a smile.

There had been very few people who dared to show their attitude to Ye Yuwei in recent years. This woman was very courageous now.

Lin Ximei did not expect to be dissed by Ye Yuwei. She quickly put on an innocent face that was full of grievances and asked, “CEO Qian, why is your employee speaking to me in this manner?”

“My apologies, Miss Lin. I still have to get back to the company to deal with some urgent matters. Miss Nalan will be fully in charge of the funds on behalf of Qianfeng Enterprise,” Qian Yikun hurriedly replied. Qian Yikun patted Ye Yuwei on the shoulder lightly before saying, “I will leave first. Call me if there are any issues.”

“Alright.” Ye Yuwei nodded slightly, as she watched Qian Yikun giving her the look, which was asking her to be more gracious to her opponent. She lowered her head as she smiled to herself.

Qian Yikun did not fall for Lin Ximei’s trap. As soon as Qian Yikun turned around to leave, there was a hundred and eighty degrees change in Lin Ximei’s expression. “Bring me the size tabulation map and the current decoration data of the resort.”

Ye Yuwei raised her brows as she continued holding on to the document in her hand.

” What are your legs for then, Miss Lin 1 ?” Ye Yuwei said before turning around and walking away.

“You—” Lin Ximei had never been treated this way before. As she watched Ye Yuwei leave, she got angrier and immediately took out her cell phone to call Gu Juexi.

“CEO Gu—”

Ye Yuwei froze in her steps when she heard the voice of the woman behind her complaining to Gu Juexi.