The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 479

Chapter 479: Someone Who Deserved to be Treated That Way, Just Like Gu Juexi

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When Ye Yuwei arrived at the lounge where Lin Ximei was resting, Lin Ximei had just put on a facial mask.

Ye Yuwei knocked on the door and Lin Ximei turned around to look at her. “What is the matter, Director Nalan?”

“Is this Miss Lin’s working attitude in Gu Enterprise too? Isn’t it still working hours at Gu Enterprise now? Perhaps Miss Lin would like me to inform CEO Gu about his employee’s working attitude during office hours?” Ye Yuwei leaned against the door as she stared at the woman who angrily took off her facial mask.

“Director Nalan, do you have a problem with me?” Lin Ximei asked furiously.

“It is good that you understand,” Ye Yuwei said as she walked into the lounge and placed the document in her hand on the table in front of Lin Ximei. “I hope that Miss Lin can take a good look at this document when you are putting on your facial mask. After all, I do not want the proposal that you are coming up with tomorrow to exceed our budget as that would reflect badly on us.”

Lin Ximei glared at Ye Yuwei with disgust in her eyes. “You are merely a financial director. Who do you think you are? What rights do you have to talk to me like that? Am I the one designing or are you the one coming up with the design?”

“I am merely a financial director, but you are also just a designer. Whether you want to come up with the design or not, that is your own problem. However, if the design that you come up with does not correspond with the allocated budget, then that would become my problem. If the fine decoration cannot be completed on schedule, I believe CEO Gu would also be interested to find out the reason behind the delay,” Ye Yuwei said as she looked at the facial mask in Lin Ximei’s hand. “Put your facial mask on properly, just in case you don’t have a white and soft face to act pitiful in front of men anymore . 1 ” After criticizing Lin Ximei, Ye Yuwei turned around and walked out of the lounge.

The secretary held back her laughter and followed behind Ye Yuwei. “Director, you are really amazing.”

“This kind of person deserved to be treated like that.” She was someone who was asking to be treated that way, just like Gu Juexi.

Sure enough, two birds of a feather will always flock together.

“Ah!” Lin Ximei shouted as she jumped in rage. “Who is that woman?”

The assistant standing beside her trembled and said, “She is Nalan Wei, the chief financial director of Qianfeng Enterprise, more commonly referred to as the iron maiden.”

The assistant had wanted to brief Lin Ximei earlier, but Ye Yuwei was such a strong character that the assistant did not dare to speak at that moment.

“This woman is the chief financial director of the entire Qianfeng Enterprise?” Lin Ximei exclaimed in disbelief. After all, this fine decoration project was not the kind of project that needed the chief financial officer to oversee personally.

Her assistant nodded slightly, acknowledging the fact.

Lin Ximei got even angrier, but even in her rage, she picked up the document that was placed before her.

Ye Yuwei left Rose Resort in the afternoon to pick the children up from Gu mansion. Wen Jie called her when she was on the way to tell her that she could arrange for someone to drop the children off if she did not want to go to Gu mansion.

“Mom, don’t worry about it. I will be there to pick them up in a while,” Ye Yuwei said as she smiled. “Have they been obedient today?”

“They are both very obedient. Xicheng is now upstairs, hanging out in Juexi’s room. He has been in Juexi’s room for the whole day. When I went to check on him earlier, he was just lying in bed reading a book,” Wen Jie happily replied.

Ye Yuwei was stunned. Xicheng had stayed in Gu Juexi’s room for the entire day?

It was the room where she used to live in. What could her son have done in that room for the entire day? Was there anything left in there?

For someone like Gu Juexi, all he needed was a bed to call it a bedroom.

She thought of the moment she saw her son rummaging through her suitcase yesterday. Was her son trying to look for something?

She had it and Gu Juexi also had one?

What was it?

As Ye Yuwei thought about it, she suddenly sped the car up. She needed to sit down and have a chat with her son.