The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 481

Chapter 481: The Old Meatball Is Poisonous

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As soon as Gu Juexi carried Ye Xicheng downstairs, Ye Xicheng immediately made a scene and complained that Gu Juexi hit his butt.

After Ye Xicheng complained, Wen Jie immediately kicked Gu Juexi’s calf.

Ye Xicheng looked at Gu Juexi and smiled widely, revealing a row of neat little milk teeth.

Gu Juexi put Ye Xicheng down on the sofa and frowned. “Mom, why did you kick me?”

“Why did you hit my grandson?” Wen Jie immediately replied. It was obvious that her grandson meant more to her than her own son.

Alright, he had already lost his status even before Ye Yuwei returned to the family. If Ye Yuwei returned for good, would he still have a place in this family?

Auntie Mao who was seated on the sofa laughed. “It seems like the grandson has triumphed over the son.”

After Gu Juexi was kicked, Xixi got down from the sofa and squatted down beside Gu Juexi. She used her small hands to rub Gu Juexi’s calves and blew on it lightly, as though it would stop the pain.

Xixi’s hands were small and she did not have much strength.

However, her actions hit Gu Juexi directly in his heart.

Gu Juexi’s body stiffened and even when he looked down at Xixi, his movement resembled that of a robot.

His mother’s kick was not painful.

In fact, it was his heart that was hurting.

Xixi was diligently rubbing and blowing onto Gu Juexi’s calves. It was probably because she had fallen down and hurt herself so many times that she knew that this action could alleviate the pain.

Gu Juexi lost all his senses at that moment because of that little girl squatting down beside him.

“If you keep blowing on it, then it will not be so painful anymore,” Xixi said softly as she continued blowing onto Gu Juexi’s suit pants.

Everyone in the room, including Gu Juexi was taken aback by Xixi’s action.

“That’s why I always say that a daughter is a father’s gem. The young master is blessed to have a daughter like the little young mistress,” Auntie Mao said with a smile on her face.

Auntie Mao had been left completely paralyzed six years ago. She wanted to leave, but Gu Juexi kept her around and asked her to live here with them.

Gu Juexi looked at his daughter endearingly and squatted down to carry her up.

Xixi blinked her eyes, not knowing what was happening to Gu Juexi.

Gu Juexi carried Xixi and she rested her small head on his shoulders.

Wen Jie let out a sigh before carrying Ye Xicheng up to feed him some fruits.

Gu Juexi carried Xixi and walked around for a little while before putting her down. The resentment that he was feeling toward Ye Yuwei was growing more and more intense.

If it was not for her stupidity, she would not have been deceived by Bai Yuyan in the past and he would not have missed five long years of his baby daughter growing up.

As for the little meatball, forget it!

Ye Xicheng looked telepathically at Gu Juexi and smiled. Gu Juexi looked back at him and gave him an even wider smile.

Ye Xicheng: “…”

The old meatball was poisonous. He had better not look at him.

As soon as Gu Juexi put Xixi down on the sofa, he heard the sound of the car engine coming around.

When Gu Juexi went out, Ye Yuwei had already stopped the car. She saw the man who was standing by the door before she got out of the car.

Ye Yuwei thought about all that had happened with Lin Ximei today and she felt that she was being very gracious to Gu Juexi by not bringing a knife with her to stab him with.

As Ye Yuwei thought about it, she unbuckled her seatbelt and stepped out of her car.