The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 484

Chapter 484: Have You Forgotten What You Said?

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Ye Yuwei frowned, but the moment she lifted her head, there was no expression on her face anymore.

“Mom, I do have to return to the hotel to take care of some of my work,” Ye Yuwei said as she carried Xixi from Wen Jie. “Xixi, say goodbye to Grandma.”

Xixi was very obedient and quickly waved her small hands and said goodbye. However, when she turned around and looked at Gu Juexi, there was reluctance on her face. “I want handsome elder brother to carry me out.”

It was a very weird feeling to be called ‘brother’ by his own daughter.

Gu Juexi carried Xixi in his arms. He could feel the affection that his daughter had for him.

It was true indeed. If you have a son, your son would only go against you. Therefore, having a daughter is better.

Ye Xicheng lifted his head and looked at his younger sister, with a sad look on his face. How could she be bought over so easily?

Xixi quickly buried her face on Gu Juexi’s shoulders. She did not want to look at her brother. She just wanted her father to carry her.

Ye Xicheng: “…”

Forget it, this was not the first time she had betrayed him anyway.

Ye Xicheng carried his little backpack and said goodbye to both his grandma and Auntie Mao before leaving together with his mother.

Wen Jie watched them as they walked out of the house. The living room was suddenly quiet.

“I do not understand the young master,” Auntie Mao said as she sighed.

Wen Jie listened to Auntie Mao’s words and sighed too. “I do not understand my own son either. For the past few years, he had not been himself all because he thought that he had lost Weiwei. Now that Weiwei is back, why is he acting like her return was nothing to him?”

This was something that Wen Jie could not comprehend.

“I am just afraid that he will continue acting this way,” Wen Jie said, feeling more and more uneasy.

Auntie Mao: “…”

This was something that might actually happen.

As Ye Yuwei had already driven the car away this morning, Nalan Chunbo took a cab to Gu Mansion. Therefore, now that they were going back to the hotel, Nalan Chunbo was driving the car.

Xixi reluctantly bid farewell to Gu Juexi as Ye Xicheng snorted and forced his sister to sit down properly.

Gu Juexi: “…”

That little brat.

Nalan Chunbo quickly drove the car off as soon as they have all gotten in as he did not want to give Gu Juexi more time with the children.

Gu Juexi squinted his eyes and looked at the back of the car that had driven off into the distance.

He swore that this was the last time that he was going to watch his children and wife leave with another man.

In the car, Ye Xicheng began educating his younger sister. How could she be so soft and so easily influenced?

Xixi frowned and refused to listen to her brother. She liked her daddy. Her daddy was so handsome and nice.

Ye Xicheng was infuriated with his younger sister’s attitude.

Ye Yuwei began to feel a little better after listening to her children’s squabble.

“Why? Have you forgotten what you said before you came here?” Nalan Chunbo suddenly said as he drove.

“No.” Ye Yuwei replied as a matter of fact as she reached out and took off her stilettos. She wanted to rest her feet for a little while. “I did not expect Bai Yuyan to be locked up in prison as soon as I came back. It is a good idea to keep her in prison for a few days at least. Bai Yuyan is such an arrogant person; she would not be able to handle the humiliation.”

“I thought that you had already forgotten that there was a person called Bai Yuyan,” Nalan Chunbo replied as he drove the car out of Gu mansion.

Ye Yuwei looked out of the window. “Gu Tianmu would definitely try to save Bai Yuyan but I do not want to let them off so easily.”

There was no expression on Ye Yuwei’s face as she spoke, and her voice was cold.