The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 486

Chapter 486: Just Like A Child

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As soon as Ye Yuwei saw the name of the sender, she dropped the phone on the table and then hugged her daughter to continue sleeping.


This was a name that she no longer wanted to see or have anything to do with.

After sending the email, Gu Juexi kept checking his cell phone as he was driving home. He was like a child who urgently needed the affirmation of the person that he cared about because he did something good.

Therefore, throughout the drive home, Gu Juexi kept picking up his cell phone to check for any incoming emails.

However, even when he reached home, he did not receive any reply or notification.

Gu Juexi’s expression turned ugly because of that.

Was that woman asleep already?

As an employee who worked in the finance industry, didn’t she know that it was crucial to leave her cell phone on and accessible for twenty hours a day?

Gu Juexi got down from his car with his face dark. He did not care that it was already past midnight but he took out his cell phone and immediately dialed the number that he had forcefully obtained from PA Wen.

The call got through.

Ye Yuwei was not asleep yet and was quickly woken up by the call. Xixi moved her small body, and she was about to cry. Ye Yuwei hurriedly patted Xixi’s body lightly, and grabbed her cell phone with her other hand. As soon as she saw the number displayed on the caller ID, Ye Yuwei froze for a moment.

Any set of numbers would become unrecognizable if it was not read or remembered for the past three years.

However, although this set of numbers had not been seen for more than six years, Ye Yuwei could instantly recognize it.

After coming back to her senses, Ye Yuwie quickly rejected the call and then turned off her cell phone volume so that her daughter would not be woken up again.

Ye Yuwei could not fall back asleep.

When Gu Juexi heard the busy tone on the line, he paused for a moment.

Did she just reject his call?

Gu Juexi kept his cell phone back into his pocket and took a deep breath. He had worked so hard the entire night just to impress her, but she did not even bother to look at what he had done.

He was angry!

Gu Juexi put his cell phone aside and then went upstairs to sleep directly.

Ye Xicheng woke up in the middle of the night to pee and as he was heading back to bed, he saw the notification on his cell phone that was placed on the table.

Ye Xicheng walked over to the table with his short little legs and reached out to take the cell phone.

“Ye Xicheng, what are you trying to do?” Ye Yuwei asked as she yawned. She had been waiting for her son to come back from the bathroom but saw that he headed off in a different direction.

Ye Xicheng picked up his cell phone and blinked his eyes as he saw the notification on his phone. He saw the email from the old meatball and snorted. What did the old meatball send him so late at night?

Ye Xicheng played the video sent in the email. The video was a conversation between Gu Juexi and Bai Yuyan.

Ye Yuwei: “…”

The small meatball snorted when he saw the video. As he was about to turn it off, Ye Yuwei had already walked over to him and took his cell phone away from his hand.

The video was a scene between Gu Juexi and Bai Yuyan in the prison cell. Gu Juexi had specially requested Wu Feng to send it to him so that he could send it to Ye Yuwei.

The words spoken in the video could be heard loud and clear.

But, wait—

She, Ye Yuwei was a person who was very important to Gu Juexi?

Did Gu Juexi not have a conscience at all? Who was he trying to fool?

However, Ye Yuwei was amazed that Gu Juexi had taken a bomb to the prison cell just to scare Bai Yuyan.

Looking at the video of Bai Yuyan being scared to death and then getting infuriated and losing her temper when she realized that she had been tricked was somehow very exhilarating and satisfying.