The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 493

Chapter 493: Is His Influence on You Still So Great?

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Ye Yuwei was stunned for a moment and she subconsciously looked at PA Wen.

After all, to her, PA Wen was more reliable in comparison to Gu Juexi.

However, it was this look of hers that made Gu Juexi feel more infuriated and frustrated. She wanted to know the truth, but the person that she was looking at was not him, but PA Wen.

PA Wen felt fear in his heart immediately.

“Yes, that is true. Gu Enterprise had already changed its logo six years ago. Everyone who has worked with and collaborated with Gu Enterprise knows of this change. Those who are still unaware probably did not pay close attention to the logo. Even all the public documents of Gu Enterprise are all using the new logo now,” PA Wen quickly explained. “However, it is indeed true that the squirrel was in fact Gu Enterprise’s old logo. Therefore, we will take responsibility for making this mistake.”

After listening to PA Wen’s explanation, Ye Yuwei nodded slightly and thanked PA Wen. She then turned around and looked at Gu Juexi. “Even if Gu Enterprise had changed its logo, it is an undeniable fact that this entire design and logo cannot be used for the decoration of the rooms in the Rose Resort.”

After Ye Yuwei had spoken, Gu Juexi did not reply but there was an unexplainable look in his eyes.

She did not know. As a professional career woman in the business and finance industry, she did not realize that Gu Enterprise had changed its logo.

Therefore, it was evident to him now. In the past six years, she had not thought about him, nor had she been interested to find out how he was doing.

For the past six years, he had lost his meaning in life, he had been so depressed that he even had thoughts about committing suicide, and yet, all she did was to build her path to becoming a strong career woman.

“Ye Yuwei, I finally understand how heartless you are today. I was nothing to you,” Gu Juexi said.

Ye Yuwei raised her brows and watched as Gu Juexi turned around and left the room.

“CEO.” PA Wen yelled before standing up quickly to follow after Gu Juexi. He turned around and looked at Ye Yuwei, wanting to say something but then decided against it.

Ye Yuwei was speechless.

Was PA Wen trying to blame her for this now?

PA Wen dragged Lin Ximei, who no longer had a smug look on her face away from the scene. Ye Yuwei was still leaning back against the sofa.

“Was there really necessary?” Qian Yikun asked as he let out a sigh. “I feel that there is no need for things to turn out this way. In fact, I believe that CEO Gu honestly did not know about this matter at all.”

Ye Yuwei replied, “Yesterday, my brother told me that it seems like I had forgotten the reason why I came back to China. I suddenly feel that—”

“Is his influence on you still so great?” Qian Yikun asked with a smile on his face. “For the past few years, I have been hearing news about Gu Juexi. I have always heard that he had not been living well.”

Ye Yuwei acted as though she did not hear Qian Yikun’s words. “I have to go back now. Call me if you need me for anything.”

Qian Yikun looked at Ye Yuwei who had already gotten up and left. He suddenly said, “Yuwei, I know Bai Yuyan better than you do. It is not that easy to pull her down and destroy her. She might not be as clean as you think she is.”

When Ye Yuwei heard Qian Yikun’s words, she turned around and looked back at him.

Qian Yikun shrugged and said, “After all, she was my fiancée in the past.”

“Brother Qian—”

“I know that you did not tell me anything because you do not want to make things difficult for me. Don’t worry, I know how to distinguish between good and evil. Maybe you should start investigating Bai Yuyan from her roots. You might be able to find something that would condemn her that way.”

From her roots?

Was Bai Yuyan’s roots not from the Bai family?