The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 494

Chapter 494 In The Past Gu Juexi

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Ye Yuwei thought about Qian Yikun words on the way back to the hotel.

However, Bai Yuyan’s connection to the Bai family was only obtained because she had stolen her identity.

It was just that Qian Yikun did not know of this matter because only a few people actually knew the truth. Therefore, what Qian Yikun was trying to tell Ye Yuwei was that she should investigate the Bai family.

As Ye Yuwei was still deep in thoughts, she received a call from Xiao Yaojing, asking her to accompany her for dinner.

“What is the matter? Why do you need me to accompany you for dinner today?” Ye Yuwei asked jokingly.

“Come on, I am only calling you because Wen Tao called me. He asked me to accompany because he said that you are in a bad mood,” Xiao Yaojing quietly rebuked Ye Yuwei. “So, where are you now?”

“I just got out of Rose Resort. I am driving back to the hotel now,” Ye Yuwei replied as she continued driving. “PA Wen called you to tell you that I am in a bad mood? I am not in a bad mood.”

She had just won in an argument against Gu Juexi. Why would she be in a bad mood? She was in an extremely good mood.

“That liar. He lied to me,” Xiao Yaojing said. “I don’t care. I had already taken half the day off, you have to come and accompany me then.”

“Yes, granny. Anything you say counts,” Ye Yuwei answered jokingly. “Alright, I will drive back to the city first. I will give you a call when I am arriving.”

After hanging up the phone, Ye Yuwei could not help but admire PA Wen’s capability. Even after so many years, he was still so diligent and efficient in everything that he did.

When Ye Yuwei arrived back in the city, she did not go and pick up her children immediately. Instead, she went and pick Xiao Yaojing up and the both of them then decided on the dinner place together.

“Wow, a Phantom Rolls-Royce. A car that I can never afford even if I worked for the rest of my life,” Xiao Yaojing exclaimed as soon as she got into the car.

“It is my brother’s,” Ye Yuwei replied as she laughed. “Why don’t you become my sister-in-law? That way, I can even have your name printed out on the car.” Ye Yuwei turned around the corner after deciding on the dinner location with Xiao Yaojing.

“Your brother? The head of the World Bank in the Asia Pacific region? The youngest mathematic genius in the world? He is such a golden bachelor, forget it. I can never match up to him,” Xiao Yaojing snorted. “Let me have a nice look at your car later.”

“You can have it now.”

After Ye Yuwei spoke, Xiao Yaojing rolled her eyes at her. She then said, “What is the matter with you today? Don’t tell me that you are fine. I have already known you for so many years, I could tell that something is not right just by looking at you.”

“Do you really love me so much that you can tell how I am feeling just by looking at my expression?” Ye Yuwei said, but she did not explain why she was in a bad mood.

Xiao Yaojing leaned back against the passenger seat and continued looking at Ye Yuwei. “Is it because of Gu Juexi?”

“No, it is just because of something at work,” Ye Yuwei replied.

“In fact, in the past Gu Juexi—” Xiao Yaojing was about to say something but she decided to swallow her words. “Forget it. Besides Gu Juexi, what other work can affect you so badly?”

Ye Yuwei listened to Xiao Yaojing’s words and did not deny anything. “The relationship between Gu Juexi and I have ended a long time ago.”

“Are you sure you can really forget about him?” Xiao Yaojing asked doubtfully.

Ye Yuwei tightened her hands around the steering wheel. However, before she could speak, Xiao Yaojing quickly interrupted her. “Just forget it. Focus on driving. I do not want us to get into a car accident.”

Ye Yuwei laughed out loud after listening to Xiao Yaojing’s words. “What about you? What is your relationship with Brother Lu now?”