The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 500

Chapter 500 You Should Not Drive After You Drink

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Xixi started to climb down slowly from Gu Juexi’s lap, probably because her elder brother said that their mother had been drinking. After getting down, Gu Juexi gently reminded her to walk slowly, but Xixi could not help but walk anxiously towards her mother.

“Mommy, you are naughty. Mommy said that you will not drink again,” Xixi said as she looked up at her mother with concern, with her big and round eyes while holding on tightly to her mother’s clothes.

Ye Yuwei squatted down and touched her daughter’s face gently. “Mommy only drank a little bit. Why don’t you try smelling me?” Ye Yuwei said, as she tried to kiss her daughter. When her daughter tried to hide, she carried her up in her arms.

Ye Yuwei carried her daughter and looked at Wen Jie who was slowly walking down the stairs. “Mom.”

Wen Jie smiled and walked over to Ye Yuwei. Ye Xicheng was still quietly standing beside his mother. “How was work today? Were you busy?”

“No, mom. Fortunately, nothing big came up today,” Ye Yuwei said with a smile. “Mom, I will bring the children back to the hotel now.”

“Alright then.” Wen Jie said as she looked back at Gu Juexi who was sitting on the sofa and did not move at all. She could not tell if he was disappointed or feeling something else. She turned back and looked at Ye Yuwei and said, “Drive carefully when you are on the road.”

“Mommy, handsome elder brother is hurt,” Xixi said in a soft voice. It was because her mother and brother did not say anything, therefore, she did not dare to call him ‘daddy’.

“If he is injured, he can always see a doctor. Let’s go home first, okay?” Ye Yuwei tried to comfort her daughter. She did not know how Gu Juexi got injured, and she did not want to know either.

Wen Jie had some opinions that she wanted to voice out when she heard Ye Yuwei’s words.

Wen Jie knew better than anyone else how Gu Juexi had suffered for the past few years when he thought that he had already lost Ye Yuwei and now, Ye Yuwei’s sentence was only alienating Gu Juexi.

However, Wen Jie could not voice out her opinion and blame Ye Yuwei because it was her son who had hurt her first in the first place.

“Handsome elder brother will be in pain. When Xixi is hurt, mommy will always accompany Xixi.” Xixi said, full of grievances as she did not understand what was happening.

“He is already grown up and so he does not need anyone to accompany him,” Ye Yuwei replied. She did not know how else to convince her daughter but Ye Xicheng had already started speaking. It was only that Ye Xicheng’s sentence was sufficient to make the person sitting on the sofa so angry.

When Gu Juexi heard Ye Xicheng’s sentence, he stood up immediately and stared at the mother and children who were standing in front of the door. “Don’t you know that drunk driving is illegal? If you have already lived enough, that is your own problem. Don’t take my children with you.”

Ye Yuwei was speechless.

Wen Jie turned around and hit her son in his arms. “What are you saying?”

“See for yourself. She reeks of alcohol. How can she be driving like that?” Gu Juexi said coldly.

Ye Yuwei was still carrying her daughter as she took a deep breath and said, “Thank you CEO Gu for your concern, but I am fine. I am—”

“You should not drive after you drink. No, you can’t drive,” Auntie Mao said as she was helped out of the room by the servant. No one knew when her hearing became so good. Auntie Mao grabbed hold of Ye Yuwei’s arm and said, “You cannot be driving after you drink, okay? I only just saw it in the news yesterday that drunk driving could lead to accidents. Furthermore, you are bringing two cute little dolls with you. I am not going to let you drive now.” Auntie Mao nervously held tightly onto Ye Yuwei’s arm, refusing to let her go.

Ye Yuwei lifted her head and looked at Gu Juexi who had his hands in his pockets and was acting as though he did not say anything.

Wen Jie could not help but glare at her own son.

However, she was secretly feeling relieved inside as her son’s childish act was what made her feel that he was finally living again.