The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 501

Chapter 501 You Still Need To Tell On Others When You Are All Grown Up. So Embarrassing

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Ye Xicheng turned around and glared at Gu Juexi before he snorted. “Childish.”

Gu Juexi was floored.

Gu Juexi looked at his son who was still glaring at him scornfully.


He was only speaking the truth, so what was so childish about that?

Both the father and son continued staring at one another, refusing to admit defeat. Ye Xicheng looked at his father smugly and said, “Even I have stopped telling on others. You still need to tell on others when you are all grown up. How embarrassing!”

Ye Xicheng was young and his voice was clear and sharp. Therefore, when he spoke, everyone could hear each and every word that he said clearly.

Gu Juexi was speechless. He turned red as he glared at his son.

Ye Xicheng was not afraid but continued staring back at the old meatball. This was probably what they called a child’s innocence. They could not be scared easily.

Wen Jie watched as the father and son bickered and she felt a little happier inside. She did not feel bad for her son, but quickly said, “That is true. Weiwei, don’t drive if you have been drinking. You can stay here tonight. Mom will ask Auntie Mao to prepare the food that you love since she knows what you like to eat.”

Wen Jie and Auntie Mao kept convincing Ye Yuwei but she was still reluctant to stay. “Mom, it is alright. I will just ask my brother to come—”

“Ye Yuwei, are you deliberately making them worry? Mom only wants to spend a little more time with you and the children, so why are you making up so many excuses?” Gu Juexi saw that his mother and Auntie Mao was desperately holding on to the drunk driving excuse to keep Ye Yuwei and therefore, he decided to speak up for them.

Ye Yuwei looked up at the man who was really acting childishly at the moment. “Yes, you are right, CEO Gu. I am doing this on purpose because I do not want to be in the same place as you.”

Wen Jie and Auntie Mao exchanged glances, both unsure of whether they should continue trying to persuade Ye Yuwei to stay.

Gu Juexi was completely defeated by Ye Yuwei’s sentence. He had been trampled on by both his own son and wife continuously today and therefore, the one who pushed them aside and finally left the house was Gu Juexi himself.

A little while after Gu Juexi left the house, the sound of the car engine turning on and then speeding off could be heard.

Ye Yuwei was still carrying Xixi in her arms. Xixi watched as Gu Juexi walked out and pouted. “Mommy, why must you argue?”

Ye Yuwei took a deep breath and was about to say something when she saw the eagerness in her mother-in-law’s eyes. It was as though she was saying, ‘Juexi had already left, so does this mean you can stay then?’

Ye Yuwei could no longer bring herself to say that she wanted to leave because she did not want to disappoint her mother-in-law.

“Auntie Mao, hurry up and prepare some dishes for Weiwei. She is going to stay over tonight,” Wen Jie hurriedly said as she carried Xixi in her arms.

Ye Yuwei could not object anymore. She looked down at her son who was equally helpless and patted him lightly on his head.

“Weiwei, if you do not want to sleep in your previous room, I will get the servants to clean the guestroom for you.” Wen Jie excitedly looked at Ye Yuwei after asking Auntie Mao to prepare some dishes.

Ye Yuwei looked at the eagerness in her mother-in-law’s eyes and in that moment, she could not think of anything else. She walked over to her mother-in-law and put her hand around her shoulder. “Don’t worry about me, Mom, I can take care of it myself.”

“Your mother is very happy today.” Auntie Mao smiled as she was helped by the servant to the sofa to sit down.

Gu Juexi who had left home called Yu Jiangqing directly. As Yu Jiangqing and Lu Qichuan were both discussing work together at the moment, they decided that they should both head to the bar that Gu Juexi had just mentioned.