The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 504

Chapter 504 Why Have You Decided To Destroy The Bai Family Now?

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“I believe that the elders of the Bai family would never dare to extend their reach into China as long as you are alive. Are you sure you want to get involved in this?” Nalan Chunbo asked once again.

“You have a lot of unnecessary things to say. As an employee who works in a bank, don’t you know that time is gold?” Gu Juexi rebuked him again.

Nalan Chunbo wanted to speak further but finally decided against it.

He understood that if it was not because of Ye Yuwei, Gu Juexi would definitely not interfere in the matters of the Bai family. After all, he had already taught the Bai family a very big lesson. A successor that the Bai family had trained for decades had been completely brought down by Gu Juexi.

“The Bai family business was started sixty years ago by my youngest aunt’s father, Bai Xiong and his group of men. Their main business was specializing in guns, firearms, casinos and also money laundering. When Bai Xiong was still alive, it was taboo to even mention the drug trafficking industry. However, after his death, Cheng Jie took over the running of all of the Bai family’s businesses. Although my youngest aunt was the helm, she did not have the right to make any decision at all. Therefore, after Cheng Jie took over the Bai family’s business, he started getting involved in drug trafficking because of its high returns.”

Gu Juexi frowned as he listened to Nalan Chunbo. He had only wanted to stop Cheng Jie from laundering money in China, but he had never expected that this money was obtained from drug trafficking.

“Currently, the Bai family are still in the dark about Weiwei’s true identity. However, when I brought Weiwei away from the Bai family six years ago, the elders of the Bai family had brought a new successor to meet my youngest aunt. I do not have any information on, nor do I know who the new successor is.”

Gu Juexi had already known about the new successor of the Bai family. This was because Cheng Jie had mentioned it before he died.

“Let me ask you a question. Why have you decided to destroy the Bai family now?” Nalan Chunbo suddenly asked.

Gu Juexi stood up immediately. “Ye Yuwei needs an innocent identity. She had never done anything wrong. It would be an insult to link her to this kind of family.” Gu Juexi turned around and left as soon as he spoke.

Nalan Chunbo: “…”

Therefore, the only reason why Gu Juexi wanted to deal with the Bai family was just because he did not want Ye Yuwei to get insulted?

The rumors must be true. You should not take the time to guess why Gu Juexi did certain things because in the end it would only make you feel like a complete retard.

Once Gu Juexi had planned to do something, he would never look back. Even if his youngest uncle were to come back, the end result would still be the same.

At Gu Mansion.

Xixi insisted that she wanted to sleep in her daddy’s bedroom tonight and she started throwing a tantrum when her mother refused to let her. Even when Ye Yuwei threatened her daughter, it was useless as the little puffball already had a backing now. When Ye Yuwei glared angrily at her daughter, Xixi started crying as she hugged her grandmother’s leg tightly, refusing to move.

Wen Jie was a soft-hearted person and she could not bear to see her granddaughter cry. Furthermore, Xixi had always had poorer health and therefore, Wen Jie would always give in to her whenever she could.

Wen Jie carried Xixi up in her arms and although she knew that Xixi was only pretending to be crying, she gave in and said, “It is okay, just let the child sleep wherever she wants to sleep.”

“Mom! You cannot give in to her all the time,” Ye Yuwei cried out desperately.

“It is okay, I only have a few more years to give in to her,” Wen Jie replied and starting coaxing her granddaughter. “Stop crying already, Grandma will carry you to your daddy’s room now.”

Ye Yuwei: “…”

Ye Xicheng: “…”

Ye Yuwei and Ye Xicheng exchanged glances with one another before looking back at Xixi who was grinning and making monkey faces at them behind her grandmother’s back . 1

“It looks like Mom is in a better health these few years,” Ye Yuwei said to Butler Kim who was laughing at the scene he had just witnessed.

“Yes, the mistress had been getting better after leaving the Gu family. Furthermore, for the past few years, the young master—” Butler Kim paused and then hurriedly changed the topic. “When you are concerned and worried about someone, even if you have poor health, you will have no choice but to get healthier for their sake.”