The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 505

Chapter 505 He Was Afraid That The Servants Would Move Your Things

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Ye Yuwei could feel Butler Kim’s unrest when he mentioned Gu Juexi.

When Xiao Yaojing mentioned Gu Juexi’s life in the past few years, she had also reacted in the same manner.

Therefore, what exactly happened to Gu Juexi in the past few years?

Ye Yuwei chatted with Butler Kim downstairs for a short while before going to see Auntie Mao who was getting ready to sleep. She then held Ye Xicheng’s hand as they walked up the stairs to go to bed.

“Lil’ sis is a traitor,” Ye Xicheng said as he frowned.

Ye Yuwei nodded her head as she felt exactly the same way that her son did. She did not feel that she was talking badly about her daughter behind her back.

When they arrived at the room, Ye Yuwei did not enter the bedroom immediately but she stood by the doorway and looked inside.

Ye Xicheng had already walked inside the room but when he realized his mother was standing by the door, he stopped in his tracks. “Mommy.”

From the doorway, Ye Yuwei could see her daughter jumping up and down the bed and falling several times, but she was still enjoying herself. She could see everything in the room from the doorway.

It had already been six years. She felt as though she had not left any traces of herself back here six years ago and yet now that she was back, she felt that everything was still exactly the same.

Wen Jie sat on the edge of the bed, watching over Xixi and making sure that she did not fall off the bed. She turned around and looked at Ye Yuwei who was standing by the door. “Juexi never allowed the servants to enter this room. He had always cleaned it all by himself because he was afraid that the servants would move your things.”

A long time ago, she was also the same. She would never let the servants clean the bedroom because she wanted to preserve whatever memories she had with Gu Juexi.

She eventually realized that it was a ridiculous thing to do.

So, why was Gu Juexi doing this ? 1

Xixi kept jumping around the bed and suddenly fell asleep. Wen Jie tapped her lightly and called out her name twice but she did not respond.

Ye Yuwei hurried into the room and carried Xixi in her arms. She patted her back lightly and waited until Xixi’s breathing returned to normal before she put her back on the bed to sleep.

Wen Jie looked at Ye Yuwei who was already skillful in handling Xixi. She felt her heart ache for Xixi. “Did the trip to the doctors not produce any result?”

Ye Xicheng climbed into bed and started gently patting his sister’s chest as he watched her sleep.

Ye Yuwei shook her head and said, “We have already seen many different doctors. None of them could find the root of the problem.” Ye Yuwei looked at her daughter who had just been jumping around a few minutes ago. Although she knew that her daughter was merely sleeping, she still felt distressed and worried, just by looking at her.

Wen Jie put her hand on Ye Yuwei’s shoulders and patted her gently. “It must have been hard on you for the past few years.”

Ye Yuwei felt tears welling up in her eyes and she held tightly onto Wen Jie’s hand. “Xicheng is very obedient. He had been diligently helping me to take care of his sister for the past few years. He is even more attentive than me.”

“That is true. Our Xicheng is already a small young adult,” Wen Jie said as she bent over and kissed Ye Xicheng on his forehead. “Alright, you all should sleep earlier tonight.”

“Goodnight, Mom,” Ye Yuwei said.

“Goodnight, Grandma.” Ye Xicheng stood up on the bed and put his arms around Wen Jie as he kissed her cheeks.

Wen Jie smiled and said goodnight to them before leaving the room.

As soon as Wen Jie left the room, Ye Xicheng quickly jumped out of bed and ran to the drawer, as though he was retrieving some sort of treasure. He brought out a photo album that was placed in the exploding box and said, “Mommy, let me show you something.”

Ye Xicheng would always look around Gu Juexi’s room but he had not looked into his drawers before. It was only when Gu Juexi told him that he had the right to look at everything in this room that Ye Xicheng started going through the drawers on a full-scale treasure hunt.

It turned out that he really found a lot of treasures.