The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 506

Chapter 506 The Explosion Box

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Ye Yuwei’s hand trembled a little but she did not reach out to take the box that her son was passing to her.

She had made this photo album by herself.

The spot where the tape was stuck on had been peeled off by herself in the past.

She was amazed that Gu Juexi was still keeping this.

Initially, Ye Xicheng had wanted to show off the treasures that he had found in this room. However, he felt that something was wrong when he saw the expression on his mother’s face. Did he do something wrong?

“Mommy?” Ye Xicheng called out cautiously.

Ye Yuwei was stunned for a moment but she quickly regained her composure and patted Ye Xicheng lightly on his head. “You should not mess around and look through other people’s things.”

“But the old meatball said that this belonged to Mommy,” Ye Xicheng whispered.

‘What the hell?

‘Old meatball?’

Ye Yuwei really wanted to praise her son. She wanted to tell him, ‘Son, you are really amazing. You are probably the only person in this world who could give him this kind of nickname and still be alive.’

“Go and take a bath now. It is already time to sleep. You can accompany Mommy to Rose Resort tomorrow,” Ye Yuwei said as she brought her son to the bathroom.

After helping Ye Xicheng to take a bath, Ye Yuwei watched as he climbed into bed and slept right next to Xixi. She covered the quilt for him and then received a call from Juanzi. Juanzi had called to inform her that the newly appointed designer had already gone to Rose Resort in the afternoon, but she said that she could only come up with a design in two days.

“Two days? Does that mean that we only have ten days to prepare for everything?” Ye Yuwei asked as she frowned.

“Yes. I have already spoken to Miss Chen regarding this but she said that a day or two would not change anything for us,” Juanzi said helplessly.

“Does she know how many things we could get done in a day? What is wrong with the people in Gu Enterprise?” Ye Yuwei asked. “Please inform Miss Chen that I want to see the draft of the design by noon tomorrow.”

“I feel that Miss Chen has a very good temper. Therefore, I believe that she might actually take two days to complete the design,” Juanzi could not help but say.

“Miss, there are many good-mannered people in this world. However, if we do not manage to finish the renovation on the opening day, people do not care if our designers have a good temper. They will only think that Qianfeng Enterprise is not professional and unqualified as we are not able to deliver on time,” Ye Yuwei replied as she smacked herself in the forehead, refusing to accept that excuse. In the past, she also had a good temper, but having a good temper was not a valid excuse.

“Then I will try speaking to Miss Chen again,” Juanzi quickly replied. “Director, you should sleep earlier then.”

Ye Yuwei hung up on the call and saw that her son was staring at her. “Why? Do you think that your mommy is very unreasonable?”

Ye Xicheng shook his head quietly. He knew that his mother had to be strong because she used to be bullied before. If she was not strong, she would be bullied again.

Ye Yuwei lowered her head and kiss Ye Xicheng on his forehead.

“Go to sleep already.”

After Ye Xicheng had fallen asleep, Ye Yuwei looked at the photo album that was placed on the bedside table. She wanted to reach out and take it, but she managed to stop herself halfway.

This was her dignity that Gu Juexi had mercilessly trampled on in the past.

She thought that she would never see this photo album again in her life.

She had never imagined that her own son would be the one to hand her the photo album today.

Ye Yuwei slowly picked up the photo album and untied the ribbon that was holding it together. The box exploded and the photograph inside came into full view.

A piece of paper that had been folded into a heart shape fell down, right by Ye Yuwei’s foot.

That piece of paper was covered up in tape and Ye Yuwei could feel a tinge of cold air as it fell down by her foot.