The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 507

Chapter 507 Secrets In The Explosion Box

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Ye Yuwei bent over and picked up the piece of heart-shaped paper that had fallen on the ground. She wondered why it was folded into a heart shape and she wanted to see what was inside it. She was certain that she had not placed that piece of paper into the box.

Ye Yuwei slowly unfolded the piece of paper that was fragile as it had been torn into pieces and taped back nicely by someone.

When the piece of paper was completely unfolded, Ye Yuwei saw a phrase that was utterly familiar to her.

A company that has the heart of its employees would never collapse.

Beneath the phrase was Gu Juexi’s signature.

Ye Yuwei clenched the paper tightly in her hand. The tape cut into her hand, but it only made her senses clearer.

Ye Yuwei shivered as some of her memories rushed into her mind.

This was a page from the notebook that she had torn off. This was the signature that she had obtained from Gu Juexi after saving up for so long and finally getting to listen to his speech.

Ye Yuwei slowly picked up the box and examined it closely. The cracks in the box had been carefully mended and taped together. The photographs inside the photo album were no longer the ones that she had carefully cut out of the newspaper and slowly pieced together.

The pictures of them, were also pieced together, but it was done more professionally. In each and every one of the photographs, he would always be standing right next to her and he would always be looking at her.

Ye Yuwei picked up one of the photographs and discovered the words written behind it.

[Mom reminded me that you are no longer around, but I am everything that she had left. She told me that I cannot continue living this way anymore. Mom said that if I were to die, she would have nothing left in this world. Therefore, Ye Yuwei, I am sorry that you might have to wait for me a little longer.]

Wait for him?

Did he mean that she should wait for him to die?

The thought popped up in Ye Yuwei’s mind and she hurriedly picked up another photograph. This time, the photograph was smeared in blood and some of the words were smudged and illegible.

[This is strange. I thought that we would die if we have bleeding in our stomach but it seems like it did not work that way. Ye Yuwei, do you not want to see me at all?]

Ye Yuwei’s hands started shaking uncontrollably and she frantically picked up another photograph. She was unable to control her emotions.

[Ye Yuwei, I dreamt of you tonight again, but you were ignoring me so I woke up and pieced this photograph together. This way, you would always be looking at me.]

[I had a gamble with life and death, but I still did not manage to make it through the gates of hell. Is it because you hate me so much, Ye Yuwei? But what else can I do if I miss you so much?]

[I have already run out of pictures of us that I could use to piece together so I surfed the Internet and found this picture. We finally have a picture of us that I do not need to piece together. Ye Yuwei, let’s make sure to take wedding photos in our next lives.]

[It is your birthday tomorrow. I tried talking to mom about your birthday, but she refused to talk to me about it. Ye Yuwei, I think you really developed my creativity nowadays. So, what do you want for your birthday? How about the wedding ring that I have already owed you for such a long time?]

[Gu Tianmu is acting up and attacking me relentlessly again. Ye Yuwei, I need you. If you were here, you would definitely stand by my side, right?]

[I asked mom and she told me, if you were still alive, today would be the day that our daughter would be born. I think our daughter would look just as beautiful as you, but the more I think about it, the more I feel that we should have a son instead. If we have a son, he would be able to protect you when I bully you in the future.]

[Ye Yuwei, I might not be able to hold on any longer. When will you finally be willing to see me?]

Ye Yuwei sat down on the floor helplessly. The photographs were scattered all around her. She could not help but burst into tears when she read what was written on the last photograph that she picked up.

[Although that kid Wen Tao always goes against my wishes and make me angry sometimes, at least he had finally done something that could preserve his life for another decade at least. He told me that this picture was taken on the day that we got married. He said that he took this picture using his cell phone when we were coming out of the Civil Affairs Bureau. Ye Yuwei, you looked so beautiful on the day that you got married to me.

Please wait a little longer for me. I promise that in my next life, I would not always be showing you this black face anymore.]