The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 508

Chapter 508 In The End They Are Still Missing Out On Each Other

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Ye Yuwei could no longer hold back her tears. She sat on the floor, hugging her knees tightly and cried uncontrollably.

After she returned to China, everyone had been bringing up bits and pieces of how Gu Juexi had lived for the past six years. This was how Gu Juexi had been living for the past six years, this was what he was trying to hide from her. This was something that she would never have expected.

Ye Yuwei tried to suppress her crying but Ye Xicheng woke up anyway. He stealthily moved to the edge of the bed and looked at his mother who was sitting on the floor by the bed, shivering and sobbing uncontrollably. He clenched his small fists tightly together.

He knew that his mother was trying to suppress the sound of her crying because she did not want to worry him and his younger sister. Therefore, Ye Xicheng laid back in bed and turned his back around, facing away from his mother before he wiped the tears off his face.

He hated Gu Juexi. It was all his fault that his mother was crying and feeling so upset.

Ye Yuwei did not know how long she had been crying for. It was only after her legs went numb and she could not feel them completely, that she started gathering the photographs that were scattered all around her and placed it back to its original position in the box.

[I like you, so what can you do about it?]

In the past, when she had almost put on the couple ring together with Qian Yikun, Gu Juexi had gotten so mad and warned her not to get close with any other men. She had always taken it lightly and regarded it as a joke.

Ye Yuwei looked up and tears started falling down her cheeks again.

She wanted to cry, but she suddenly let out a laugh.

What happened between Gu Juexi and herself? How did they get to this point today?

They had reached a point where there was no turning back.

Ye Yuwei held the explosion box in her hand and gently touched the cracked corners that Gu Juexi had carefully glued together.

This was once the last shred of dignity that she had left.

Whatever that was contained in the box now was probably Gu Juexi’s last shred of dignity.

His weakest and most fragile moments were all hidden in this box.

“But Gu Juexi, I’m Bai Ying’s daughter and you will always be a soldier,” Ye Yuwei said in a self-deprecating manner. “As long as the Bai family is still standing, I would always be the daughter of a drug lord. You cannot be together with the daughter of a drug lord.”

Ye Yuwei never wanted to admit it, but this what the only thing that she minded the most.

In the past few years that she had actively been in the business industry, she had encountered and dealt with the Bai family a couple of times and therefore, she knew the kind of business that the Bai family was involved in. She finally understood why Gu Juexi had tried so hard to boost Cheng Jie up, only to bring him and Bo Shen Enterprise down in one scoop. Their illegal trading was something that Interpol had been eyeing for a long time but could not find any evidence to criminalize them and stop their operations. It was only because of Gu Juexi that they finally had a breakthrough, but then again, this breakthrough only stopped the Bai family’s operations in China itself.

There are countless numbers of ‘Bo Shen Enterprises’ running under the Bai family.

When Ye Yuwei told Nalan Chunbo that she wanted to destroy the Bai family, he told her that she was being naive. Bai Ying had tried to bring the Bai family down for decades, but had not even succeeded until now.

Ye Yuwei told Nalan Chunbo that she still wanted to try. For the past few years, she had been secretly using Qianfeng Enterprise to suppress the Bai family business, but after a while, she realized that her efforts only produced minimal results. It was exactly as Nalan Chunbo said. Her efforts proved to be futile.

Ye Yuwei’s legs were still feeling numb and she did not stand up. She sat there, feeling the ‘pins and needles’ in her legs.

In the end, they are still missing out on each other.

When the tingling sensation in her legs started fading away, Ye Yuwei slowly stood up and walked to the bathroom to wash her face.

She had already placed the explosion box back where it was from the start, as though it had not been touched before.

It was already past midnight when Gu Juexi came home. Everyone in the family was already fast asleep and not even a single lamp was left on for him.

Gu Juexi laid down on the sofa, but he did not sleep immediately.

He had to think of how he could destroy the Bai family, but in order to do that, he needed Ye Shu’s help.

The problem was, where’s Ye Shu now?