The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 509

Chapter 509 Why Does Everyone Want Him To Give Her Flowers?

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“You went drinking again?” Wen Jie asked as she walked down the stairs. Her voice rang loudly in the darkness even though she spoke softly.

Gu Juexi quickly sat up and looked at Wen Jie who was walking over to him. “Mom, it is already so late. Why are you not asleep?”

Wen Jie sat down on the sofa beside Gu Juexi with a look of disapproval on her face. “Drinking is bad for your health. Didn’t you promise me that you would stop drinking?”

“I am okay. I only drank a little,” Gu Juexi replied. “Why was Gu Tianmu here today? What did he want?”

Wen Jie sneered when Gu Juexi asked the question. “He said that your grandmother saw a picture of Xicheng. She wanted him to bring Xicheng back to the Gu family. ” 1

“Are they a family of psychopaths? What has my son got to do with them?” Gu Juexi asked angrily. He finally understood the expression that Gu Tianmu had on his face when he looked at Ye Xicheng. “In the past, she was the one who refused to admit that Ye Yuwei was carrying my child. Why does she want him to acknowledge her as his great grandmother now? What right does she have to do that?”

Wen Jie held onto Gu Juexi’s arm and tried to calm him down.

Gu Juexi was clearly extremely angry at the moment.

“If Gu Tianmu and Gu Zhenjiang decide to make this move, then they cannot blame me for being cold-hearted. If they make a move on my son, I swear that I will make Gu International disappear from this world completely,” Gu Juexi said with hatred in his eyes.

Wen Jie continued holding on to Gu Juexi’s arm. She knew that he meant every word that he had just said.

In the past, Ye Yuwei was his bottom line. He would destroy anyone who tried to harm her. Now, besides Ye Yuwei, the two children also meant the world to him.

Although Gu Juexi was always bickering with Ye Xicheng, Wen Jie could feel the love that Gu Juexi felt for his son.

“Don’t worry too much about it. For now, please focus on getting Weiwei back. If you are always going against her every time you see her, how are you ever going to get her back? She is your wife, so can’t you just give in to her?”

Give in to her?

Wasn’t it obvious that Ye Yuwei was the one finding fault with him nowadays?

Why was the whole world blaming him?

“Mom, I—”

“Every woman loves to be doted on and have nice things said to them. If you do not know how to do that, go and search on the internet for tips and suggestions. Maybe you can start by giving her flowers,” Wen Jie said with a frown on her face. “Weiwei is also a lady. In the past when she loved you, she would always give in to you and give you everything that you wanted. Now that you are the one who is trying to go after her, can’t you just search the internet and learn how to win her back?”

“Ye Yuwei is already the mother of two children,” Gu Juexi could not help but say.

Wen Jie was infuriated and annoyed with her son’s reaction and she immediately stood up and kicked him in the leg. “You deserve to be alone for the rest of your life! Maybe you will never hear your own children calling you ‘daddy’ in this life.”

Gu Juexi watched as his mother walked up the stairs after kicking him in the leg. This was really not his day.

First, he was kicked by the little meatball, then he was kicked by Ye Yuwei. Now, even his mother was kicking him.

Gu Juexi laid down on the sofa for a short while before getting up and going upstairs to his bedroom.

At this moment, his bedroom was silent except for the sound of their breathing.

After opening the door, Gu Juexi leaned against the door and looked at the three people who were sleeping soundly on his bed.

He did not take any further step but slowly sat down on the floor beside the door, staring at the bed.

Throughout the years, every time he came to his room, he would always stand at the doorway. He would imagine that Ye Yuwei was back, that she was busy taking care of the children or busy making the bed.

He could hear his child’s laughter, but he was never able to put a face to it.

Now, whatever he had dreamt of all these years finally came true.

He had to give her flowers?

Why does everyone want him to send her flowers?

What was he supposed to do to get her back?

He had never done this before.