The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 510

Chapter 510 You Want To Send Her This Flower?

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Gu Juexi took out his cell phone and began to browse the internet on the different ways that he could use to get Ye Yuwei back.

This was something that he would definitely not admit to doing.

Giving flowers was the first on the list.


Cooking for your loved ones?

And blow up the kitchen again?

No, he couldn’t do that.

Go out on a date. Bring the person that you love out to eat Western food or to visit an amusement park.

Would someone like Ye Yuwei be interested to go to an amusement park?

Watch a movie together.

This was absolutely impossible. Gu Juexi thought about the countless times that Ye Yuwei had locked herself up and watched a movie all by herself. Doing this would be giving himself the death sentence.

Surprise her. Buy her something that she likes but has never bought for herself.

What did Ye Yuwei like?

There was nothing she liked that she could not afford to buy for herself.

Gu Juexi kept browsing the internet but could not find anything that would be suitable for Ye Yuwei.

He suddenly thought of Wen Shan, who was around twenty-six to twenty-seven years old. Maybe she would know what to do as she was similar in age to Ye Yuwei. Therefore, he decided to ask for her help.

[Wen Shan: How to woo a girl? Just send her flowers! That’s how simple it really is.

Wen Shan: Brother Gu, are you going to make your move now?

Gu Juexi: Anything else besides sending her flowers?

Wen Shan: Brother Gu, I think you do not understand. When you send a girl a bouquet of flowers, there is always a card accompanying the bouquet. What is the card used for?

Gu Juexi: What?

Wen Shan: …

Wen Shan: Brother Gu, have you come from ancient times?

Wen Shan: Write out your feelings, write romantic and sweet words to her. If you do not know what to write, you can search online. There are so many tips out there.

Gu Juexi: If you know so much, why doesn’t your brother have a girlfriend yet?]

Wen Shan: “…”

Wen Shan thought that this was a really good question.

However, why was it her fault that her brother did not have a girlfriend?

She was only teaching him how he could get his wife back, so why was she being lectured because her brother did not have a girlfriend?

Couldn’t he just humbly accept what she had just taught him?

Gu Juexi looked at his conversation with Wen Shan on his cell phone. This was indeed the first time that he had known that he could add a card with a message together with the bouquet of flowers.

As Gu Juexi stared at the woman who was fast asleep on his bed, he knew that he had to get her that bouquet of flowers.

At the CEO’s office in Gu Enterprise.

When PA Wen, who had a bruised eye heard the CEO’s words, he was stunned for a moment. “Buy flowers?”

Gu Juexi looked at PA Wen and asked, “What happened to your eye?”

PA Wen coughed to conceal his embarrassment. He did not want to admit that he was hit by that crazy woman, Xiao Yaojing this morning.

“I accidentally bumped into something.”

“You accidentally bumped into Xiao Yaojing’s fist?”

PA Wen: “…”

‘CEO, can’t you tell when people are desperately trying to avoid the topic?’

“CEO, what kind of flowers would you like to get her?” PA Wen quickly asked because he did not want to talk about how he bumped into Xiao Yaojing’s fist.

“Cactus . 1 ” Gu Juexi replied faintly as he thought that the cactus best resembled her character.

PA Wen: “…”

‘You might as well give her chrysanthemum so she can just bring the flowers to sweep the tomb or something.’

“CEO, if you are buying flowers for the young mistress, you might want to consider giving her red roses or hibiscus,” PA Wen gently reminded him.

Red roses represented blossoming love.

Hibiscus represented tough and timeless beauty.

Any one of this option would be much better than giving her a cactus.

“Are you the one giving her the flowers or am I the one giving it?” Gu Juexi asked, apparently dissatisfied with PA Wen’s refutation.

PA Wen smiled, but secretly cursed that this was the reason why the CEO would be single all his life.

“Alright, I will go and buy the flowers now.” PA Wen kept the smile on his face, but secretly wished that the young mistress would not be furious or annoyed after receiving the cactus.