The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 511

Chapter 511 The Letters On The Card

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Ye Yuwei was discussing the final details for Rose Resort’s opening day with Qian Yikun at the Rose Resort.

When PA Wen arrived with the pot of cactus in his hand, he could not even force himself to smile.

Ye Yuwei was stunned as she saw PA Wen standing at her office door. “PA Wen?”

PA Wen placed his hands behind his back and was accidentally pricked by the cactus. At that instance, he suddenly felt bad for the young mistress.

“The CEO asked me to deliver something to the young mistress personally,” PA Wen said as he tried to keep a smile on his face.

“Gu Juexi?” Ye Yuwei put down the documents that she had in her hand and looked at Qian Yikun.

Qian Yikun shrugged his shoulders, beckoning Ye Yuwei to move forward to check out what Gu Juexi had sent to her.

Ye Yuwei was full of curiosity as she slowly walked towards PA Wen. Ye Xicheng had already run toward PA Wen and looked behind him as soon as he heard that it was a gift from the old meatball. When Ye Xicheng saw what PA Wen was holding behind his back, he was in disbelief.

Was the old meatball really retarded?

Even he, as a five-year-old knew that you have to give flowers to a girl.

When Ye Yuwei was standing in front of him, PA Wen hesitantly brought out the pot of cactus from behind him.

A pot of cactus.

It was wrapped beautifully.

Ye Yuwei: “…”

Ye Yuwei looked at PA Wen who was standing there helplessly. She suddenly laughed out loud because she was really infuriated.

“Well, young mistress—sometimes the CEO might be a little—up here,” PA Wen said as he made gestures at his head. He really did not know how he could speak up for the CEO this time.

Ye Yuwei looked down at the pot of cactus that was wrapped beautifully and said, “PA Wen, did you wrap this pot of cactus? You did a great job.”

PA Wen nodded and lowered his head. He had already tried his best but he would never be able to wrap that pot of cactus into a rose.

“Mommy, is the old meatball retarded? Even I know that we should send roses to girls, and not a cactus,” Ye Xicheng said as he looked at the pot of cactus in disgust.

“Young mistress, then—” PA Wen felt that it was going to be difficult to force someone to accept this kind of gift.

Ye Yuwei took the pot of cactus over from PA Wen and said, “Xicheng, go and help Mommy to choose a bunch of chrysanthemums to give to the old meatball.”

PA Wen: “…”

The young mistress was tough now.

She was counter-attacking.

Ye Xicheng was very satisfied with his mother’s suggestion and quickly pulled PA Wen’s hand. “Uncle Wen, hurry up and bring me to buy some chrysanthemums. I want to buy those yellow ones.”

Ye Yuwei watched as PA Wen walked away with Ye Xicheng and then laughed as she looked at the pot of cactus in his hand.

“CEO Gu’s choice of flowers is very unique indeed,” Qian Yikun said as Ye Yuwei carried the pot of cactus over.

“Stop trying to make me feel better,” Ye Yuwei said as she placed the cactus on the table. She somehow felt that the cactus would look better if it was on that person’s face.

This was the first time she had ever received any flowers in her life and he chose to give her a pot of cactus?

In this world, only Gu Juexi would do this kind of things.

Gu Juexi was out to annoy her.

Ye Yuwei reached out and picked up the card that was attached to the cactus. She was actually amazed that Gu Juexi wrote a card for her.

When she opened the card, there was only three lines of letters written in it, with no words at all.

Ye Yuwei understood those letters instantly. Her face turned red in an instant and her heart was beating extremely fast.

“What is that? Is that a Physics equation?” Qian Yikun was not a science student and therefore he did not know any of the equations or formulas. It was already amazing that he knew it was a Physics equation.

Ye Yuwei coughed and quickly tried to put the card back on the cactus, accidentally pricking her finger in the process. “It is nothing. He must have been bored.”