The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 512

Chapter 512 Love Equation Vs Gu Juexis First Confession

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Gu Juexi had really written down some physics equation on the card.

The first line was: U/R.

The second line was: 1000ml,1/2O₂,m/p,F/q.

The third line was: = kx+b,1/2O₂,root of PR.

If you have never studied physics in high school or graduated with a physics degree, you would not know what the equation meant.

However, as a mathematician who was also well versed in physics and chemistry, Ye Yuwei knew what the equation meant the moment she looked at it.

Even if she was not good in physics or chemistry, she would also know what the equation meant because she had seen it before. When she first saw this confession equation on the internet, she had also discussed it with Xiao Yaojing.

Some people had said that the mathematical equation of the mathematics department was the most romantic and thus, the physics department had come up with this equation because they were not convinced.

The first set of letters represented the letter ‘I’.

The second set of letters were respectively; ‘L’ which represented one-half of two oxygen molecules, ‘O’ which is the ratio of mass to density, ‘V’ which represented volume and ‘E’ which represented the electrical strength of the object.

The third set of letters represented the primary formula ‘Y’ equals to ‘O’ added to the electric heating power meter represented by the letter ‘U’.

If you piece the letters together, it becomes: I love you.

Therefore, this was Gu Juexi’s love confession.

But, how did he learn of this formula?

Did he surf the internet for it?

Ye Yuwei reached out her hand to press on her finger that had been pricked by the cactus. She was unable to calm her thoughts.

Gu Juexi’s sudden love confession had caught her off guard.

The problem was, why did he send her a pot of cactus?

PA Wen brought Ye Xicheng to the florist and they really bought a very big bouquet of yellow chrysanthemums for Gu Juexi.

Ye Xicheng carried the bunch of chrysanthemums happily in his arms. He could not wait to hand the old meatball the bunch of chrysanthemums as soon as he sees him later.

When Wen Jie who was resting in Gu Mansion received updates from PA Wen that Gu Juexi had bought Ye Yuwei a pot of cactus, she instantly felt uneasy. If she had known that this was what he was going to do, she would not have asked her son to buy flowers for Ye Yuwei.

When they arrived at Gu Enterprise, PA Wen wanted to carry Ye Xicheng upstairs to the CEO’s office but Ye Xicheng politely rejected. He told PA Wen that he was already a big boy and that he wanted to walk upstairs on his own.

PA Wen nodded his head slightly and sighed to himself. How could Ye Xicheng be so lovable in comparison to the CEO?

Ye Xicheng happily walked behind PA Wen as he carried the bunch of chrysanthemums that was almost bigger than him. He smiled happily as he walked into Gu Juexi’s office.

“Isn’t that the little prince?”

“Why is the little prince carrying a bunch of chrysanthemums? Is he planning on giving that to the CEO?”

“Yes, elder sister you are right,” Ye Xicheng answered when he heard the whispering. He smiled at them innocently although he answered in a serious tone.

PA Wen: “…”

No one dared to talk back to him as he was the son of their CEO.

When Ye Xicheng carried the bunch of chrysanthemums into Gu Juexi’s office, Gu Juexi could only see a big bouquet of yellow chrysanthemums floating in the air. It was only after much difficulty that he saw the little meatball behind the flowers.


Even though he was clueless about flowers, Gu Juexi knew enough to know what chrysanthemums were usually used for.

Ye Xicheng placed the bouquet of chrysanthemums on Gu Juexi’s lap and then wiped the sweat off his own forehead. “Old meatball, this is for you.”

Gu Juexi: “…”

Gu Juexi looked at the little meatball and then looked at PA Wen who was standing behind the little meatball.

PA Wen looked up at the ceiling, pretending not to notice anything.

“Did your mommy ask you to send this to me?” Gu Juexi asked as he looked at the bouquet of chrysanthemums that was placed on his lap. The little meatball must have carried it all by himself all the way here as the little meatball was placing his hands on his knees and panting as he tried to catch his own breath.