The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 514

Chapter 514 Paper Tiger

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Gu Juexi lifted his hand slightly, but did not let go.

He looked at Ye Xicheng who was trying hard to hold back his tears and it felt like a thousand swords were piercing through his heart.

He thought about it for a moment. If he knew how things would turn out today, would he have confessed and told Ye Yuwei the truth in the past?

No, he would not have done that.

He had only fallen in love with Ye Yuwei after he had completed his mission.

No matter what anyone said, he could not deny that he had only regarded Ye Yuwei as an actress who was playing the role of his wife when he was dealing with Yu Sha’er. That was a fact that he could not deny.

When he finally realized that he had fallen in love with the person who was playing the role of his wife, his explanation was already worthless.

“The news is all fake.” Gu Juexi finally said after a long period of silence.

That was the only thing that he could say to his son now.

“Where is your evidence?” Ye Xicheng asked coldly.


Gu Juexi suddenly felt like bursting out in laughter. There were some things that would last a lifetime after you did something.

“If you can’t give me any evidence, then you are definitely a liar,” Ye Xicheng snorted. “My mommy will definitely divorce you. Just wait for it.” Ye Xicheng said before taking the bunch of chrysanthemums from the table and placing it on Gu Juexi’s lap once again. “This is for you.”

After finishing his sentence, Ye Xicheng turned around to leave.

“Did you know that chrysanthemums are usually given to respect the dead? Maybe your mother wanted the chrysanthemums to represent our new beginning?”

Gu Juexi spoke very quickly, with a sense of eagerness inside him.

Ye Xicheng turned around to look at him with a frown on his face.

Gu Juexi placed the bunch of chrysanthemums on his table and then walked over to Ye Xicheng. He knelt down in front of him so that they could speak on the same level. “Chrysanthemums can also be used to bid farewell to the past and to bury the past.”

Ye Xicheng frowned more and more. “My mommy stopped being blind a long time ago!” Ye Xicheng yelled before running out of the office.

Gu Juexi: “…”

Alright, his own son had just trampled on his dignity again.

Gu Juexi could feel the throbbing pain in his heart.

“Wen Tao, send him back to Gu Mansion.” After taking a deep breath, Gu Juexi stood up and said with a little frustration and anger in his voice.

PA Wen who was waiting outside looked at Ye Xicheng who ran out of the office like a cannonball. He could not help but cover Ye Xicheng’s ears when he saw him running out as he did not want him to get scared by the tiger’s loud voice.

Ye Xicheng looked up at PA Wen and smacked his lips together before saying, “Uncle Wen, I really pity you.”

PA Wen felt touched immediately. Finally, there was someone who felt bad for him.

PA Wen patted Ye Xicheng’s head lightly and Ye Xicheng looked up at PA Wen with a frown on his face. “Uncle Wen, I do not want to go to Gu Mansion. I want to go and look for my mommy.”

PA Wen carried Ye Xicheng up and said, “Your mommy is busy at work now. Go to your grandma’s house first. Your mommy will pick you up after she is done with her work. Let’s not mess with the tiger.”

“I am not afraid of him. He is just a paper tiger. I want to go and find my mommy,” Ye Xicheng snorted.

PA Wen trembled a little. Your father is really not just a paper tiger! You should be a little more afraid of him.

After PA Wen and Ye Xicheng got into the car, PA Wen sent a message to Gu Juexi. Gu Juexi replied PA Wen with one word, ‘okay’.

That meant that he could go wherever that he wanted to go.