The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 519

Chapter 519 Do You Intend To Destroy Bai Yuyan In A Blink Of An Eye?

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“Ye Yuwei, whether you admit it or not, you will always be Bai Ying’s daughter,” Gu Tianmu suddenly said.

Ye Yuwei paused in her steps and turned around to look at the man who was threatening her.

Gu Tianmu smirked and said, “Even if no one knows about your identity now, you will not be able to conceal your identity forever. Once your identity is exposed, you will not only harm Gu Juexi, but you will also harm your own son.”

Ye Yuwei took a deep breath before leaning against the door to look at the man who was standing in front of her. “It seems like Bai Yuyan is really useful to Chairman Gu at the moment. If you are trying to get your hands on my son, you can stop wasting your time. My son has nothing to do with the Gu family.”

“Ye Yuwei, don’t underestimate your opponents,” Gu Tianmu replied. His tone was harsh and he was clearly giving her a warning.

Ye Yuwei opened the door and then smiled as she looked at Gu Tianmu. “You can repeat that sentence to yourself. After all, Chairman Gu, I can assure you that Gu Juexi would not let you off so easily if you dare to make a move on my son.”

After she had finished speaking, Ye Yuwei turned around and walked into her hotel room.

Gu Tianmu’s face was extremely dark.

Before she closed the door, Ye Yuwei looked at Gu Tianmu and said, “Chairman Gu, I don’t think you understand that you do not have any extra abilities or power just because you are older. After all, living for a longer time does not necessarily mean you are any wiser. Chairman Gu, if you continue pushing us to our limits, I don’t think you will be ready for what might come your way. You do not have much time left, so why don’t you use your remaining time to increase your intellect instead?”

Ye Yuwei slammed the door behind her after she had finished speaking. She did not care of Gu Tianmu would be furious at her.

Her expression only changed after she closed the door and saw her son standing a few feet away from her.

Gu Tianmu heard that she was alive, and that was why he had returned to B City.

Gu Tianmu was not in B City to deal with Gu Juexi, but his purpose for coming here was because of her son.

This was because Ye Xicheng was the grandchild of the Gu family.

This was ridiculous.

“What is wrong, Mommy?” Ye Xicheng asked with a worried look on his face.

Ye Yuwei walked over to her son and placed her hands on his shoulders. She squatted down and looked him in the eye as she said, “Promise Mommy that you will not go out on your own from now on. Even if Mommy is not around, make sure that you are not alone.”

Ye Yuwei did not know what kind of gimmick Gu Tianmu would resort to. Therefore, she must protect her son.

Ye Xicheng did not understand what was happening but he obediently nodded his head as he did not want his mother to worry.

Nalan Chunbo returned to the hotel room with Xixi. Xixi quickly rushed to her brother and hugged him tightly and kissed him on his cheeks. She missed him.

Ye Xicheng hugged his sister. He loved his younger sister, but why couldn’t she kiss him properly?

“Okay, that’s enough. Your bite mark is already all over your brother’s face,” Ye Yuwei said as she hurriedly carried her daughter away to prevent her from biting her brother further.

“But I really missed my elder brother,” Xixi said, full of dissatisfaction. “I feel like I have not seen him in a century. Elder Brother, did you miss me? ” 1

Ye Yuwei: “…”

Ye Xicheng: “…”

They had only been separated for a few hours since this morning.

Nalan Chunbo came out from the bedroom after changing out of his clothes. “I have brought back the data that you have requested for. I thought you wanted to deal with her slowly. Do you intend to destroy Bai Yuyan in a blink of an eye?”