The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 520

Chapter 520 Why Does Your Iq Decrease When You Face Gu Juexi?

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Ye Yuwei carried her daughter and put her down on the sofa. She nodded when she heard Nalan Chunbo’s words.

She had to be decisive and act fast. The things here were progressing beyond her expectations. She could not stay here any longer.

It was almost June, and the weather outside was stormy.

Fortunately, they had decided to have dinner in the hotel and therefore, they did not need to go out in the heavy rain.

Xixi was kneeling on the sofa and looking out the window at the heavy rain outside. Her small hands were placed against the window as though she was curious about the raindrops.

“Eat your food,” Ye Yuwei said as she frowned. She carried Xixi onto her lap and held her tightly so she could not move. “Look, your brother has almost finished his food already.”

“I want to look at the heavy rain,” Xixi said as she fidgeted and turned her body around to look outside the window.

There was very little rain in the country that they lived in and therefore, Xixi loved the rain.

Ye Xicheng held his spoonful of risotto and stared at his sister who was sitting directly opposite him. Her food was completely untouched.

Ye Xicheng reached out his spoon towards his sister’s food and said, “Mommy, Xixi’s food looks more delicious. I want to eat her food.”

“No! It is mine. It is mine. Don’t give it to Elder Brother,” Xixi panicked and quickly said. She climbed out of Ye Yuwei’s lap into her own seat and started eating her food slowly.

Ye Yuwei: “…”

Ye Xicheng shrugged as he looked at his mother. This was the only way to deal with children like Xixi.

“Bai Yuyan’s participation in the manipulation of Bo Shen Enterprise’s data could very well bring her to the International Court of Justice, but the chances of her getting the death penalty is very low,” Nalan Chunbo said to Ye Yuwei as he changed Ye Xicheng’s plate for him.

“It does not necessarily have to be Bo Shen Enterprise. Brother Qian has also hinted me that the Bai family business is so extensive. I believe that Bai Yuyan would have also manipulated the data in any of their other companies. Just try and look through any one of the Bai family’s companies and if there is a problem with the data and she is involved in it, we could use that to criminalize her,” Ye Yuwei replied faintly. “By doing that, I can not only destroy Bai Yuyan, but I can also bring down the businesses of the Bai family. Wouldn’t that be killing two birds with one stone?”

Nalan Chunbo squinted his eyes as he looked at the woman who was sitting before him.

His cousin sister was indeed more heartless than he thought she was.

“Aren’t you afraid that Bai Yuyan will expose your identity?” Nalan Chunbo asked with a smile on his face.

Ye Yuwei had already finished her meal, but she was still waiting for Xixi to finish eating. She leaned back against her chair and said, “Bai Yuyan is a smart person. She knows that if she sells me out now, she would be nothing to the Bai family and they would definitely deal with her for deceiving then. Furthermore, at this moment, the only people capable of getting her out of prison is the Bai family. Therefore, I am sure that she will not reveal that she had stolen my identity right now.”

Nalan Chunbo nodded as he listened to Ye Yuwei’s words. “I thought that you were an innocent white rabbit. Who would have known that you are actually a wolf in sheep’s clothing?” Nalan Chunbo said with a laugh. “But, why does your IQ decrease when you face Gu Juexi?”

Ye Yuwei: “…”

Ye Yuwei shifted her gaze before replying defensively, “Whose IQ are you saying is plummeting?”

“When Gu Tianmu came earlier, you must have refuted him because you are mad at the way that he had treated Gu Juexi,” Nalan Chunbo said playfully.

Ye Yuwei averted Nalan Chunbo’s gaze and coughed without answering him.

Why did she refute Gu Tianmu?

In fact, six years ago, it was definitely because of Gu Juexi, but this time—

“What has this got to do with Gu Juexi? I was only defensive because Gu Tianmu wanted to get his hand on Ye Xicheng. That is why—”

“He had already brought up Xicheng?” Nalan Chunbo asked before she could finish her sentence.