The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 521

Chapter 521 Gu Juexi Done It Before

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There was an awkward silence between Ye Yuwei and Nalan Chunbo.

“You said that you would always be on my side,” Ye Yuwei suddenly said, as she tried to fish for an escape route.

Nalan Chunbo glanced at her and then leaned back against his chair. “Why would Qian Yikun teach you how to deal with Bai Yuyan?”

Ye Yuwei frowned when she heard his question. After thinking about it for a moment, she replied, “Qian Yikun was engaged to Bai Yuyan in the past. I believe you have heard of the time when the Qian family was in financial difficulties.”

“That was the time when you had loaned the money to Qianfeng Enterprise,” Nalan Chunbo replied, clearly knowing about the matter.

Ye Yuwei nodded her head slightly. “Yes, it was during that time that Bai Yuyan called off their engagement. A woman like her could never live a life without any money.”

“I did not expect Qian Yikun to be so revengeful, but then again, I am really curious as to how Qian Yikun found out about Bai Yuyan’s true identity. Even if the Bai family is not innocent, on the surface, they have always maintained their innocence,” Nalan Chunbo said as he raised his brows and stared at Ye Yuwei, hoping to get an answer from her.

Ye Yuwei put her glass of water down. She had not thought about this question before.

“Do you think Bai Yuyan told him about it before?” Ye Yuwei asked with a frown on her face.

Nalan Chunbo shrugged, implying that he did not know.

“Brother Qian has been in the business industry for so long, it is not surprising even if he knew some of these matters. Furthermore, as you just said, I saved the Qian family before. I don’t think that Brother Qian would turn around and stab me in the back,” Ye Yuwei said, choosing to believe in Qian Yikun.

Nalan Chunbo sighed as he leaned forward towards Ye Yuwei. “Don’t be foolish, sister. The only person in this entire world who would never betray you is me, your brother. The only person who treats you well with no ulterior motive is me, your brother. So, don’t be so foolish to trust everyone around you.”

“Don’t you feel ashamed for praising yourself so much? In the past, Brother Qian was the one who offered me a job and helped me out when I was at my worst. Do you really think that he is raising me up so that he can destroy me in an instance?”

“Why not? Gu Juexi did it before,” Nalan Chunbo replied instantly.

The expression on Ye Yuwei’s face changed immediately.

Gu Juexi was the one who had put Yu Sha’er high up on the pedestal, then destroyed her in an instance.

He had used this method before.

“I have no enmity with Brother Qian. I don’t think that he would have any reason to harm me. Actually, I feel that Bai Yuyan sincerely cared about Brother Qian. In the past when Bai Yuyan tried to harm me and inevitably dragged Brother Qian into the situation, you should have seen the expression on her face when she realized what she had done,” Ye Yuwei said as she recalled the past. She was more and more certain that the person that Bai Yuyan really loved was in fact Qian Yikun.

After dilly-dallying for a long time, Xixi finally finished her dinner. Ye Yuwei looked down at Xixi who was staring at her with a frown on her face. Xixi suddenly said, “The food here is not as delicious as grandma’s cooking. I finished everything that grandma cooked in the afternoon.”

Ye Yuwei: “…”

So, you are blaming the food as the reason why you took forever to finish your meal?

This unreasonable look on her daughter’s face was exactly a mirror image of Gu Juexi.

Nalan Chunbo carried Xixi up from her chair as Ye Yuwei held onto Ye Xicheng’s hand. “By the way, how is the progress of the orphanage now? Have they found a new location yet?”

“I knew that you would be worried about this matter, so I went over to have a look today. PA Wen had already put the children up in one of their residences. Gu Juexi is also handling the matter regarding the orphanage,” Nalan Chunbo said. When Nalan Chunbo mentioned Gu Juexi, he intentionally turned to look at Ye Yuwei to see if she would react to his words.