The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 61

Chapter 61: The One Who Takes the Blame

Having a child?

Gu Juexi shifted his eyes and stared at Ye Yuwei's lower abdomen.

Ye Yuwei and his own child?

He could clearly see the frown on Ye Yuwei's face, right from where he was standing.

She was repulsed by the idea of the existence of their own children.

Very well! This woman was not only denying the past, she was also rejecting the future.

Gu Juexi was initially going to get himself a glass of water. However, he could not help but walk towards the two ladies. Ye Yuwei was preparing to dodge him, but he came directly beside her and placed his arms around her shoulder. "Yes, we have been planning for that."

Ye Yuwei was in disbelief.

What was he saying?

Did he even know what he was actually saying?

Ye Yuwei looked up at Gu Juexi coldly, as if to say, "CEO Gu, don't you know for yourself what you have done? Do you need me to repeat it to you?"

The cup of milk that was delivered every morning after they had any form of intimacy had long cut off any hope she had of being a mother.

In the past, she had thought that Gu Juexi only did this because he did not want to have a child yet.

But she understood clearly now. It was not that he was not ready for a child. It was just that he did not want to have a child with her.

Gu Juexi turned a blind eye to her cold questioning stare and shifted his attention to Ouyang Xianxin who had just taken a step back. "However, before Mrs. Gu resigns, she will cooperate fully to assist with anything that you might need."

Ye Yuwei clenched her fists and suppressed the anger that she was feeling.

"After all, it is the Gu family's business. Don't you agree, Mrs. Gu?" Gu Juexi said, looking down at Ye Yuwei.

He would make her affirm the past that she was trying to deny.

At first, Ye Yuwei did not understand what he meant. When she finally understood the meaning behind his words, she let out a smirk and said, "You think too highly of me, CEO Gu. You already have so many talented and capable workers, you do not need me."

"No matter how capable those people are, they could never compare to Mrs. Gu. I always keep in mind all the hard work that Mrs. Gu has put in throughout the years." Gu Juexi said with a smile and a gentle voice that would have sounded endearing to others.

Ye Yuwei pursed her lips tightly together and held her arms tightly around her body.

Ouyang Xianxin felt a sense of awkwardness and did not know if she was disrupting anything by being there.

Some people had said that the relationship between the CEO and his wife was not good. It all seemed like a rumor to her now.

"Yuwei, this is actually regarding the loan by RT Group. It was previously handled by you single-handedly. However, there is now a problem with the collection. It would be better if you could go check it out." Ouyang Xianxin left the message regarding work, dropped the documents on the table and turned to leave.

RT Group?

Ye Yuwei's body shivered for a moment.

Why this company?

In the past, Gu Juexi had wanted to handle this company himself.

A sudden jolt of pain stroked through her originally numb body. It came so suddenly that it caught her off guard.

"CEO Gu, do you have any opinion?" Ye Yuwei pushed his hand away, regaining her composure and suppressing the exploding impulse in her body.

Gu Juexi's hand was pushed away. He laughed at Ye Yuwei's sudden display of anger. "How can the always meticulous Mrs. Gu make such a decision?"

Ye Yuwei smiled. Did he not know why she made this decision?

"If I remember correctly, the RT Group's loan was originally signed by you. Moreover, the referral was none other than your Miss Yu."

Ye Yuwei mouthed the words one by one.

Gu Juexi squinted, deep in thought.

"Then again, in CEO Gu's eyes, whatever that Miss Yu does would never be wrong. So how would you like me to take the blame this time?" Ye Yuwei asked coldly.