The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 62

Chapter 62: Issues with the Loan

Gu Juexi was dumbfounded by Ye Yuwei's sudden question.

Or perhaps he was deep in thought. Thinking about what was actually going on with the RT Group.

It was also because Ye Yuwei's attitude was causing his suppressed anger to rise again.

Her sarcasm was like a small needle that could not be seen. It pierced into his heart slowly. It was not painful, but it was an inexplicable feeling.

"Butler Kim, please contact Yu Sha'er and ask her to come over." Gu Juexi shouted, while staring at Ye Yuwei.

At Yu Sha'er's home—

Yu Sha'er was sipping the glass of red wine in her hand, a smile on her face. Sister Qing hung up the phone and looked at Yu Sha'er. "All the artists of RT Group have been settled. They will cancel their contracts with the RT Group in the near future, using various reasons. Geng Yisheng had also taken out a few millions of loan from Gu Bank and it was personally handled by Ye Yuwei. It is now going to be a bad debt in Ye Yuwei's account."

Yu Sha'er was very satisfied with Sister Qing's answer.

"That shrewd woman wants to challenge me? What rights does she have to challenge me?" Yu Sha'er said, as she put down the glass in her hand. Yu Sha'er had on a nonchalant expression and said, "No one can snatch anything from me, Yu Sha'er. What more that shrewd woman."

Sister Qing stood beside Yu Sha'er with a smile on her face. "If Ye Yuwei can't recover the money owed from the loan, she would have to pay the money herself. How can a person who can't even afford her own medical bills do that? Don't worry, the position of Mrs. Gu will be yours sooner or later."

Yu Sha'er smile, satisfied. "The credit goes to you, Sister Qing. If you had not suggested that I look for Brother Juexi from the start, we would not have such an excellent chess piece right now. That woman really thought that Brother Juexi really cared about her work. One word from Brother Juexi and she would rush off to complete the job. That was really hilarious."

Sister Qing smiled without saying a word.

While basking in joy, Yu Sha'er's phone on the table rang suddenly. She looked down and saw the name displayed on the caller ID, "Brother Juexi." She hurriedly answered the call.

"PA Wen is already outside your house. Please come over immediately." Gu Juexi hung up after speaking.

At that moment, Ye Yuwei and himself were sitting on two separate couches directly opposite one another. He was staring directly at Ye Yuwei while he made the call.

He, Gu Juexi, was not such a villain that he would use such a despicable method to abuse his wife.

However, Ye Yuwei obviously did not think so.

Just like the reporter incident, Ye Yuwei had also believed that he was the one behind it.

Ye Yuwei smirked, as if to imply, "I am going to observe CEO Gu's performance. I'm going to observe how CEO Gu is going to push the blame to me in front of Miss Yu."

The both of them stared at each other, refusing to back down.

Gu Juexi suppressed the anger and injustice that he was feeling inside. This was the first time he had been accused continuously and the person who was accusing him was none other than his own wife. The wife who had repeatedly proclaimed her love for him in the past.

"CEO Gu, do you need me to step out for a moment? Just in case your Miss Yu accidentally betrays you when she cannot read the expression on your face correctly. That would not be good, right?" Ye Yuwei rested her head on her arm that was leaning on the armrest to alleviate her discomfort.

Gu Juexi's glare was as sharp as a sword and he was still staring directly at her.

Ye Yuwei held her stance as she no longer had the strength to move. She wanted to conserve whatever energy she had remaining because the war was about to begin.